A store created a controversial piñata of Paola Suárez being beaten and it was canceled online

Network users did not find Paola Suárez’s piñata funny.


A piñateria caused outrage on social media after sharing its new creation: a piñata inspired by the incluencer Paola Suárezknown for being from the lost team.

However, what caused a stir was that the piñata was made alluding to the recent problem that the influencer had with her ex-partner.

A business creates a piñata of beaten Paola Suárez

The Ramírez piñaterialocated in Reynosa, Tamaulipas made a piñata by influencer Paola Suárezbut it was not just any piñata, since the creation was made with reference to the assault that “The Lost” suffered from her ex-partner.

The business presented its piñata on its social networks and wrote: “Here we support Paolita. Please choose her jackal well. Long live love! Lost courage, we are with you #nomasfabiruchis #Noestassola Sometimes life grabs you like a piñata, but you have to hold on like a fine piñata from Piñatería Ramírez.”

After the publication, the establishment was the target of numerous criticisms, where users pointed out that its piñata was in bad taste. Others mentioned that they were revictimizing Paola Suárez when doing the piñata with blows.

Even the driver of Come the Joy, Sergio Sepulvedaalso attacked the piñatería and spoke about the outrageous creation.

“The Ramirez piñateria always takes advantage of current news or characters to design a piñata that is often comical and very creative,” he wrote.

Piñata Paola Suárez.png

Sergio Sepúlveda pointed out that the creation of Paola Suárez’s piñata was in very bad taste.


He also assured that Violence against women should never be taken as a joke: “But now, regarding the beating that Paola Suárez suffered (presumably by her boyfriend), They made a piñata of her BEATEN. Violence against women should never be taken as a joke. Regardless of whether the affected person resumes the relationship with her attacker,” she continued.

So far, the influencer, Paola Suarezhas not said anything about the piñata they made in her honor, but those who were upset were her faithful followers, who defended her.

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