A surfer was killed by a white shark attack on a California beach

A beach in California (Omar Martínez /)

A surfer died this Friday on a California beach from the attack of what appears to be a white shark, which has led local authorities to ask the population not to bathe in these waters for the next 24 hours.

The incident occurred on the beach of Bahía del Morro State Park, on the central coast of California, as reported by the Police Department on Twitter.

Agent Eric Endersby, quoted by ABC News, He explained that a bather saw a surfboard and right next to it a person upside down whom she dragged to shore with the help of a patrol.

The man appeared to have been attacked by a shark. The emergency services came to his aid but the surfer no longer responded to his care, so they could only certify his death.

Although there are no witnesses to the incident, the bite it presents, which will have to be analyzed by a coroner, matches those that the white shark usually leaves, Endersby said.

The beaches in the area will remain open but the authorities have asked residents not to bathe for the next 24 hours until what happened is clarified.

A white shark

Shark attacks in this area are rare. In the past year, there have been a total of 33 shark attacks on beachgoers in the United States, three of them with fatalities, one in California, according to data from the University of Florida, which is where half of the attacks occurred.

In recent months a similar incident was recorded when a white shark chased two children while surfing off the coast of California.

The images were obtained almost by chance since he was passionate about nature, marine fauna and of sharks in particular He flew his drone in places where white sharks are present.

This fan of sharks usually dedicates his time to photographing and recording them, his idea is to raise awareness of the importance that these animals have for the environment and thus rescue their image.

Sharks have a very bad reputation around the world, and although they can attack humans, the accident rate is extremely low.

Let’s take into account that humans are the ones who invade their territory and according to studies carried out throughout the world, it is believed that sharks attack man because they mistake him for one of their favorite prey, which is sea lions.

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