A teenage girl who had been missing for a year was found in South Florida

Victoria Gonzalez, 14, was missing for a year and three days

Little is known about what happened, but at the moment all is joy at the Gonzalez home in the city of Miramar, in Broward County, South Florida. Victoria Sophia González, 14, had last been seen on September 17, 2021 when her aunt took her to class at New Renaissance Middle School, in the city of Miramar, where he was in eighth grade.

According to school authorities, the young woman walked alone that day, as she did every day, at the end of the school day. But unlike the other days, that September 17, Victoria, she did not come to her house.

Victoria Gonzalez
Her family and the authorities distributed thousands of flyers with her photos and information on the case, hoping that someone would provide useful information about the whereabouts of the minor.

Since then, her family has searched tirelessly for her. Vigils were organized for her disappearance. Her father handed out thousands of flyers throughout South Florida featuring Victoria’s face. The Miramar police took the case to international organizations, where nothing was ruled out: from a voluntary escape to the possibility that she had fallen victim to a human trafficking network.

Last weekend, Victoria’s family organized another of their vigils in a park near their home. Family, friends and even Victoria’s dog went to light candles and distribute more flyers with the girl’s photo, commemorating the fact that she had disappeared a year ago. In a year nothing was known about her, no one had ever called to talk about her whereabouts.

Victoria Gonzalez
Neither the authorities nor the family gave details about where Victoria was during this year, or if anyone was with her.

But everything changed three days after the anniversary of his disappearance. Without giving too many details, Miramar police confirmed that a person contacted the parents claiming to know where Victoria was. They immediately asked for photos to prove that it was the teenager and passed the information on to the police. Authorities quickly located the minor who was safe and sound in Miami-Dade County, less than 30 minutes from her parents’ home.

“Knowing that she is here with us is a joy that I cannot explain. It is only a peace that I have over her, knowing that she is already protected, with us, sleeping in her bed, in her room, ”she told the local press Sofia de la Rosmother of the teenager.

“We receive information about your possible location through social networks and we gave the tip to the police. That same night the police sent me two new photos, and it was her. We finally met with her and it was a great joy”, he commented. Enrique GonzalezVictoria’s father.

Victoria Gonzalez
The Miramar police made a brief announcement about Victoria’s location on social networks

It is not known where she was or how she was found. It is also unknown if she was alone, or what she did during that whole year. It is likely that there will be a parallel criminal investigation if someone collaborated with this disappearance, but the authorities have not made this information public.

“For now it is serenity, peace, tranquility, that she sees her family, love (…) Knowing that she has the support of us, of the family, of her father. The rest, and that will come, we leave it in the hands of the officers. She is fine, she feels happy, ”confirmed the mother.

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