A teenager was sentenced to 100 years in prison for suffocating his two brothers to death: he said he wanted to “free them from hell”

Nickalas Kedrowitz was 13 years old when he suffocated his half-sister Desiree McCartney in May 2017 and then suffocated his baby stepbrother Nathaniel Ritz two months later.

An Indiana teenager was sentenced to 100 years behind bars after smothering his two little brothers in separate incidents, claiming he was “delivering them from Satan and hell.”

Nickalas Kedrowitz She was 13 years old when she suffocated her half-sister Desiree McCartney in May 2017. and then smothered her baby stepbrother Nathaniel Ritz two months later.

Desiree was just under 2 years old and Nathaniel died just before her first birthday.

Kedrowitz, who initially became a suspect due to his strange behavior and short temper, told police after his arrest in August 2018 that he was “delivering his brothers from hell.”

Kedrowitz was tried as an adult for his crimes and received two separate sentences for the murders of his brothers, each of 50 years.

“This was not some kind of heat of passion murder and then minutes or hours or even days later, we’re talking months here, so we think the consecutive part of the sentence was warranted and appropriate in this circumstance.” Ripley County Prosecutor Richard Hertel said, quoted by AP.

A teenager was sentenced to 100 years for suffocating babies he said he freed from 'hell'
Desiree McCartney and Nathaniel Ritz, the victims of Nickalas Kedrowitz

Desiree was found dead at the family home in Osgood, Indiana, on May 1, 2017 when Kedrowitz stayed behind to care for the girl, according to police reports.

Christina McCartney, Desiree’s mother, tried to perform CPR on the girl after the teen told him the girl was “not breathing well”. Desiree later died at the hospital.

On July 20 of the same year, Kedrowitz was tasked with putting young Nathaniel to bed, later saying that the boy had stopped moving. Later, the teenager allegedly mutilated a kitten at a relative’s house, then watched as an aunt and uncle took the cat away to try to end its suffering, according to court documents obtained by the Indianapolis Star.

During a psychological evaluation, he spoke of “free your brothers from Satan and hell”, the newspaper reported. Later, he allegedly told police that he had used a towel and blanket to smother the children and “release them from this hell”.


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