A three-year-old boy was trapped in a stuffed animal machine: “He was having the time of his life”

The australian police published this Thursday a video with the rescue of a three-year-old boy who was trapped inside a hook machine full of stuffed animals located in a shopping center in the state of queensland.

The little one, identified by the name of Ethanaccessed the interior of the machine, where there were dozens of stuffed animals, through the hole through which the objects that have been grabbed are delivered.

In a video published by the Police, the little boy is seen in a relaxed attitude inside the small glass cubicle while the officers study how to remove the child.

”Ethan move to the back corner. Cover your eyes,” the father tells the little boy, who follows the instructions of his mother, before a police officer breaks the glass of the machine to remove the young man.

“Come here friend!” comments one of the officers while carrying the little boy in his arms. “Do you want a prize? Tell me which one you want?” comments the police officer after the happy ending of the rescue.

Image of the rescue provided by the Australian Police. EFE (./)

Ethan’s father, Timothy Hoppersaid his son was playing with the machine before it quickly disappeared from sight.

I had no chance to reactit was incredible how fast it went up,” said Hopper, speaking to ABC.

I couldn’t help but laugh thinking ‘how did this happen?’ because he wasn’t hurt, he wasn’t sad, so it was easy to laugh when he was having the time of his life,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Capalaba Park shopping center, where this incident occurred on Saturday, told the public channel ABC that they are “reviewing the safety measures (of the machines) to prevent this from happening again”, publishes the aforementioned media today.

He specified that this is the incident of the Retail First company, which manages 21 centers in the southeast of the country.

(With information from EFE)