A Twitter thread chose the 8 best episodes of The Simpsons

The Simpson. (photo: Antenna 3)

The Simpson was founded on December 17, 1989 and has never stopped. To date, The “Yellow Family” (as it is known in United States) has starred in 717 episodes in 33 seasons, making it one of the longest-running American animated series and the longest-running animated show in the country. In the midst of endless tumult, a thread of Twitter he was encouraged to choose the best episodes at his disposal. With some more details and a long discussion to come.

Winner of 33 Emmy Awards, 32 Annies, a Peabody, respectively, and was named by Time magazine as the best series of the 20th century. For more awards, in January 2000 it entered the Hollywood Walk of Fame and its chapters grossed nearly US$526 million worldwide.

In this way and with so many imprints, it is difficult to choose eight episodes that are considered “best”. Opinions are divided and viewers around the world are constantly debating. Many say that the first chapters win all the awards, others are satisfied with what is released these days and some are drowning in nostalgia for characters like Troy McClure or Maude Flanders. Here is the full list in season order:

Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4)

“Dental plan! Lisa needs braces.” A chapter chosen as one of the best not only by users but also by the magazines Entertainment Weekly, USA Today and MSNBC.

In this episode, Homer becomes the president of the Nuclear Plant Workers Union and leads the employees on a strike to get their dental plan back.

The Simpsons - Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4).  (photo: Fuentes with Calle)
The Simpsons – Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4). (photo: Fuentes with Calle)

Scaredy Corporal (Season 5)

As the name demands, it is a parody of the Cape Fear movies (1962 and 1991) but also one of the best episodes in the series’ history. It premiered on October 7, 1993 and that same year was nominated for an Emmy Award.

The episode shows Bob’s new attempt to assassinate Bart, one of the reasons the family moved to the Lake of Terror and joined the FBI’s Witness Resettlement Program.

The Simpsons - Scaredy Corporal (Season 5).  (photo: HobbieConsolas)
The Simpsons – Scaredy Corporal (Season 5). (photo: HobbieConsolas)

Little House of Horror V (Season 6)

The Simpsons horror specials started their second season and has definitely become a classic with every episode. On this occasion, the parody of The Shining (1980), George Orwell’s Nineteen Eightyfour, Ray Bradury’s A Sound of Thunder and Soylent Green (1973) became some of the favorites.

Three short stories starring the characters from Springfield immerse viewers in a comedy horror that only the yellow family can pull off.

The Simpsons - Little House of Horror V (Season 6).  (photo: HobbyConsoles)
The Simpsons – Little house of horror V (season 6). (photo: HobbyConsoles)

Who killed Mr. Burns? Part 1 (Season 6)

The sixth season ended with an open ending and an intriguing plot. After angering some Springfield residents and blocking out the sun, Mr. Burns was found dead on top of a stone clock.

They all have reasons and very few have a solid alibi; the perpetrators did not appear, and suspects ranged from Principal Skinner to Homer Simpson himself.

The Simpsons - Who Killed Mr. Burns?  Part 1 (season 6).  (photo: Indie Today)
The Simpsons – Who Killed Mr. Burns? Part 1 (season 6). (photo: Indie Today)

Who killed Mr. Burns? Part 2 (Season 7)

The first episode of the seventh season is the solution to this mystery that was left open in its predecessor. Throughout the episode, Lisa helps Sheriff Górgory lead the investigation to determine who shot Mr. Burns.

In turn, it is discovered that he is still alive and the police arrest Homer, accusing him of murder.

The Simpsons - Who Killed Mr. Burns?  Part 2 (Season 7).  (photo: GQ Spain)
The Simpsons – Who Killed Mr. Burns? Part 2 (Season 7). (photo: GQ Spain)

He Only Moves Twice (Season 8)

A chapter much loved by fans but not one of the most sentimental. Voted as the highest rated by the movie site, the chapter follows the adventures of a yellow family in Cypress Creek.

Homer takes a job at Hank Scorpio’s company, and as his professional life begins, the rest of the family struggles to adjust to their new home. Over time, the James Bond parody became a successful episode.

The Simpsons - Scaredy Corporal (Season 5).  (photo: CineMedia)
The Simpsons – Scaredy Corporal (Season 5). (photo: CineMedia)

Homer’s Enemy (Season 8)

The eighth season is perhaps the most critically acclaimed of the 33 and the ratings show it. In this episode, Mr. Burns hires a young prodigy to work at the factory and Homer does whatever it takes to please the kid.

However, the new addition’s anger towards the main character drives him insane, he fights with everyone and leads to a tragic end that has a later resolution.

The Simpsons - Homer's enemy (Season 8).  (photo: ForoCars)
The Simpsons – Homer’s Enemy (Season 8). (photo: ForoCars)

New York City vs. Homer (Season 9)

Homer lent his car to Barney and parked the wrong car in the Big Apple. Despite the hatred of the town, the family goes to recover the car and while Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have a dream day, Homer suffers every second.

The episode became a particular favorite in the United States due to its comprehensive view of the Twin Towers in action. In turn, it was that very fact that led him to leave the show for 15 years after the attack.

New York City vs. Homer (Season 9).  (photo: The Trade)
The Simpsons – New York City vs. Homer (Season 9). (photo: The Trade)


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