A United States intelligence report revealed that reports of UFO sightings have tripled

The US pointed out an increase in encounters with UFOs and warned about security threats (AP) (Patrick Semansky /)

The government of USA reported on Thursday of a significant increase in UFO sightings in their territory. At the moment, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is evaluating 510 reports about these unidentified flying objects, more than triple the number it examined in 2021.

This figure comes from the latest report released by the agency corresponding to 2022, which also includes 119 meetings prior to 2021 that were not reported at the time for fear of the stigma that these statements could generate.

Half of these objects or phenomena have “ordinary” characteristicsso they correspond to what is known as “air clutter”, which includes birds and meteorological phenomena, among others. A) Yes, 26 of them were attributed to drones, 163 belong to balloons Y 6 a trash.

us military ufo unit nyt
Of the 510 reported episodes, half have “ordinary” characteristics (Department of Defense via The New York Times) (DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE /)

Most of these encounters are reported by US Navy and Armed Forces pilots.

A classified version of the document mentions how many of these objects were identified in places where nuclear power plants operate or weapons of this type are stored.

Pentagon press secretary Pat Ryder, issued a statement after learning of the report and stressed that the “security” of the staff and the “protection of US operations” are “primary” to the government.

“We take seriously reports of incursions into our designated space, land, sea or airspace, and we will examine each one,” he detailed.

The US denounced that Turkey's attacks in Syria and Iraq threaten the security of its troops in the region
Pat Ryder stressed the importance of protecting domestic operations

That is why both the Pentagon like the national intelligence agencies and the POT work daily analyzing these facts and seek to rule out that it is a question of ships of unknown espionage capabilities sent by rival countries. Even in June 2022 the Space Agency formed a study team dedicated solely to studying these cases.

“Unidentified anomalous phenomena continue to pose a danger to flight safety and pose a potential threat of information gathering by adversaries,” the statement added in this regard.

In this sense, he indicated that some of these reports have shown “unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities”, which is why they require a more detailed analysis in order to clarify their origin.

They filter a video of a UFO captured in California
Intelligence agencies investigate that these cases are not an attempt to gather information by adversary countries

So far, the Pentagon reported that has not found evidence of extraterrestrial life among these investigations.

This report was published after three long years of pressure by Congress on the military and intelligence agencies to get them to take these allegations seriously.

Part of these pressures led to the use of a new term for these episodes, which are now often also called “unidentified anomalous phenomena”therefore it also includes those sightings that occurred both in the domain aerial as in the space and the maritime.

(With information from AFP, EFE and AP)

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