A US judge temporarily suspended the assault weapons ban in the state of Illinois

A US judge temporarily suspended the assault weapons ban in the state of Illinois. (AFP) (ELEONORE SENS/)

A court of first instance of the state of Illinois (USA) temporarily suspended the entry into force of a new assault rifle control lawpreventing it from limiting the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines or banning switches that convert semi-automatic weapons to machine guns.

An Illinois judge granted the temporary restraining order requested by some 800 plaintiffsblocking the law signed by the Democratic governor Jay Robert Pritzker last week, according to information from the chain CNN.

This measure Limits the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazinesprohibits switches that allow semi-automatic firearms to fire automatically and “expands the ability of courts to prevent dangerous persons from possessing a firearm through restraining orders.”

The plaintiffs argued that the ban violates the Illinois Constitution and they asked for one exception in the law where they are allowed to buy this type of weapon.

“This legislation has used criteria to choose who can and who cannot own weapons without due consideration,” said the judge who suspended the law, Joshua Morrison.

“Furthermore, due to the speed with which this bill has been passed, the effect to protected classes could not be considered, nor could the legislature consider whether this was the least restrictive way to meet its objective,” he added, according to the said chain.

In his ruling, Morrison cited a landmark US Supreme Court decision from last year that struck down the state’s concealed carry law. NY. The 6-3 sentence in the case New York Rifle & Pistol Association against Bruen considered that the text second amendment protected the plaintiffs’ right to bear firearms in self-defense.

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The plaintiffs argued that the ban violates the Illinois Constitution and asked for an exception in the legislation where they are allowed to purchase these types of weapons. (Juan Carlos Cruz/)

Meanwhile, the office of Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoulfiled a notice of appeal, and will ask the court to vacate and vacate the temporary restraining orderaccording to statements by the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office Jamey Dunn-Thomason in a statement after the ruling was made public.

This decision is not surprising. Although disappointing, it is the initial result we have seen in many cases brought by plaintiffs whose goal is to promote ideology over public safety,” Pritzker added in the letter.

Attorneys for the Attorney General kwame raoul they argued that the restraining order should be denied in part because the merits of the lawsuit would fail in court. “The record will show that the law was read publicly three times, that it refers to a single issue – guns – and that the plaintiffs have not shown that the exceptions to restricted gun possession are unfair,” they said.

“The exceptions provided in the law for professionals with specialized firearms training and experience, such as law enforcement and members of the military, easily pass rationally based scrutiny,” the State’s response reads.

The lawsuit is one of several that were filed after the promulgation of the new gun lawwhich passed in large numbers in the Democratic-controlled state legislature.

(With information from Europa Press and The Associated Press)

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