A US military aircraft with 20 people on board crashed in Australia during a training exercise

A US military aircraft with 20 people on board has crashed in Australia during a training exercise. (REUTERS) (STOYAN NENOV /)

A us military plane with about 20 people on board crashed this Sunday in the tivi islands, an archipelago north of Australia, while carrying out takeoff maneuvers.

He Australian Department of Defense confirmed that the osprey plane it was carrying US military personnel and that, so far, no Australian soldiers have been involved in the accident.

In this critical initial phase, our focus is on incident response and ensuring the safety of those involved.”, indicated the defense authorities in a statement.

Several people would have been rescued after the accident that occurred during an exercise near the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin, according to Australian state television. abc.

According to sources close to the local news network skynews It is “possible” that there were fatalities as a result of the accident, since some troops remain unlocated.

The Police of Northern Territory issued a brief statement confirming that they are “currently responding to reports of a plane crash on Melville Island,” the aforementioned outlet reported.

He Osprey was part of the exercises Predators Run, a joint series of combat drills between the US and Australian armies.

Ospreys are tilt-rotor aircraft that combine the vertical takeoff capability of a helicopter with the speed of a turboprop aircraft, according to the US Air Force.

This accident occurs one month after a MRH90 Taipan helicopter crashed off the Whitsunday Islands with four defense personnel on board.

The four soldiers – Captain Danniel Lyon, Lieutenant Maxwell Nugent, Warrant Officer Joseph Laycock and Corporal Alexander Naggs – died during the night exercise on July 28.

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