A van crashed into an Apple store in the US: at least one dead

Rescue teams work at the accident site

At least one person was killed and several others injured after the driver of a pickup truck lost control and crashed into a local Manzana located in the town of hinghamcounty of plymouthin the state of Massachusettsaround 11 a.m. local time.

According to authorities, the incident left at least 16 injured who were taken to South Shore Hospital, while two others were taken to another area medical center. But based on aerial footage taken by local news teams, it can be seen that many more people were being treated at the scene.

Truck crashes into Apple Store
Dozens of injured were taken to area hospitals

Although at the moment the scene is considered a police investigation zone that cannot be accessed on foot, some witnesses who left the area told the press that the parking lot was full at the time of the accident, which led to infers that inside the premises there was many customers.

Truck crashes into Apple Store
At least 10 ambulances working on site

From the aerial images it can be seen that at least there was 10 ambulances in the place caring for the wounded, plus the ambulances that go in and out transporting people. The vehicle that caused the accident is not seen in the aerial images, but it is known to be a van, and it is presumed that it was going at such a speed that it ended up embedded in the rear wall of the premises. The entire front of the store is a glass wall, as is the case with all Apple stores.

The authorities have not confirmed any details of the incident, but a witness told the local press that the driver of the truck was a man who was injured but conscious.

“It was like a big explosion. A very loud noise”, commented another witness to the cameras.

The premises are located in a quiet suburb of the city of Boston, on Derby Street. It had opened, like every day, at 10 in the morning and the incident occurred less than an hour later. Many brands in the country, including Apple, already offer discounts on the Black Friday (which will take place next Friday, after the Thanksgiving celebration), so it is usual to see the premises full of customers on these days.

Truck crashes into Apple Store
Aerial images of the premises

The news is in development and at the moment there are no details about how it happened, or the state in which the driver was at the time of the accident. It is also not known who the person who died in the place was, nor the medical condition of the people who were transferred to the hospitals in the area.

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