A year in 10 minutes: the key moments of the drama in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, after weeks of gathering soldiers at the border and arguing that it was just military exercises, Vladimir Putin gave the order to attack Ukrainian cities and infrastructure by air and water and initiate an invasion by land. The Russian president called it a cynical euphemism: “Special military operation”. The world was absorbed before an armed invasion in Europe after decades in which the armed conflicts in that territory seemed a sad memory.

The quick military excursion that Putin dreamed of to conquer territory and overthrow Volodimir Zelensky it was soon shown to be unfeasible by the fierce Ukrainian resistance with the military support of the United States and the European powers. The war spread its trail of terror and blood throughout the Ukrainian territory. More of 18 million people they had to leave their homes and seek refuge in safer areas or flee to other countries.

One year later, UN-confirmed civilian deaths exceed 8 thousand and the wounded 18 thousand. But unconfirmed actual numbers would more than double those numbers. Meanwhile, different sources affirm that Russia would have lost close to 200000 military in combat and Ukraine close to 100 thousand.

It has been months since war became the usual scene in that corner of the world. While life in kyiv returned to an almost normal rhythm, in the east of the country, in the Donbas area, the fighting is bloody. The military equipment that NATO provided to Zelensky served to contain the Russian advance and force it to retreat. But not yet to the definitive withdrawal that for Putin would be a humiliation.

This mini-documentary made by the audiovisual team of infobae summarizes the fundamental events that occurred during this year.