A year of the Russian invasion in 10 photos: the look of an award-winning photographer of the drama in Ukraine

The war unleashed by Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine is about to be one year old. The brutality of the attacks and the massacre spread across the length and breadth of the Ukrainian territory has shocked the world through the images of photographers such as John Moore, from the Getty agency, an award-winning graphic reporter who sensitively handles his lens to portray the human dramas around the planet.

Moore arrived in Ukraine a month after the invasion began and was able to tour cities devastated by bombing, accompany the cries of parents burying their children and witness the resilience of Ukrainians.

Olexiy Pshenychnykh, 85, rests in his war-damaged home in Vilkhivka, east of Kharkiv on May 18, 2022, following the withdrawal of Russian occupation forces (Photos by John Moore/Getty Images) (John Moore /)

“When I arrived in Ukraine in April, the conflict had already entered its second month. Even then, many Ukrainians were beginning to worry that the world would forget about them and their suffering. In general, they welcomed international photojournalists, especially American ones like myself, to tell their story. They want us to document these terrible atrocities so that the world and history will never forget them,” he recounted.

John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
Oksana, examines the destroyed second floor of her house while searching for salvageable items on April 25, 2022 in Hostomel, Ukraine. Situated on the former front line, Oksana explains that the house was attacked by rockets by Russian troops on March 7, when her mother and her grandmother were downstairs. They were evacuated unharmed to kyiv, before the entire family moved west to Vinnytsia. (John Moore/)

“Another unique aspect of working in the Ukraine is the dangers. In this conflict, the main danger is shrapnel from shelling, especially for photographers working in frontline areas. In Afghanistan and Iraq, there was a great risk of kidnapping, something that does not happen so much in Ukraine, where the front lines are more defined, ”explained Moore, with years of coverage of armed confrontations around the world.

John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
The body of a Russian soldier lies on the battlefield on May 17, 2022 in Malaya Rohan (John Moore/)

“As in most countries, in Ukraine before the war there were very deep political divisions, and many citizens were not supporters of President Zelensky. The Russian invasion of the country, of course, changed everything and united the majority of Ukrainians around the former comedian and actor. Even many inhabitants of southern and eastern Ukraine, where Russian is the mother tongue, supported the kyiv government.”

John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
Ukrainian Territorial Defense soldiers run while in a position exposed to Russian troops near the front line on May 22, 2022 near Ruska Lozova, Ukraine. (John Moore/)

“As a photojournalist, I had pretty open access to photographing people in difficult conditions and they were open to showing that reality. People let me into their homes and showed me how they lived in the rubble of their previous lives. Many were very open to photographers covering the funerals of their loved ones. They were grieving, but proud of their pain, and they wanted the world to see it.”

John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
An aerial view of apartment buildings attacked by Russian forces in an old Kharkiv neighborhood (John Moore/)

“One day I was flying my drone and taking pictures of the widespread destruction of a neighborhood in Hostomel, located on a former front line on the outskirts of kyiv. From the air, I observed someone removing belongings from a badly damaged house. So I landed the drone, walked over to the house, and met with Oksana. She led me up the dilapidated staircase of her house to the mess that had been the top floor of her house. It looked like it had been hit by a tornado, but no, she said it was a Russian rocket. Her mother and her grandmother were home at the time, but they survived. She was now picking up what she could salvage. The frankness and naturalness with which she told the story of her family impressed me. No hyperbole or melodrama, just the facts.”

John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
Smoke rises after missile strikes at sunset on April 28, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. (John Moore/)

“I have learned how strong and resilient people can be, despite incredible adversity, tragedy and pain. When people see that their cause is just, they can be much stronger and endure much more than they ever imagined.”

John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
Seen from the air, the massive Komodor Logistics Park lies in ruins, after being bombed and burned down during the Russian invasion on April 19, 2022 near Makariv, Ukraine. The attack, in early March, destroyed some $50 million worth of medicines and medical raw materials from the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Farmac. (John Moore/)
John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
A raven sits on top of a Ukrainian flag in the military section of a cemetery on February 11, 2023 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. (John Moore/)
John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
Public transport workers sweep up shrapnel and war remnants in a former frontline neighborhood on May 25, 2022 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. (John Moore/)
John Moore -Getty Photos - War in Ukraine
Couple Kolya and Olya, 57, walk through a snowstorm as the sound of artillery reverberates around them on February 12, 2023 in Chasiv Yar, Ukraine, in the eastern Donbas region. (John Moore/)

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