Abby Choi, model and influencer, was dismembered in a family fight over her estate

Authorities found the body of the famous Hong Kong model after her recent disappearance

The body of Abby Choi (Thai Thien Phuong), 28, was found dismembered by police in Tai Po, China, inside a refrigerator in the basement of a rental house, where it is believed that the famous Hong Kong model, had been cooked, as they also found utensils to prepare food.

Abby Choi had been reported missing on February 21, when she was last seen at 2:15 p.m. that day. However, this Saturday her body was found by the Chinese police in the rental house of her former father-in-law.

According to various local media, inside the rental house where they found the body of the most prestigious model in China.
Therefore, the Chinese police described the crime as ‘SCMP’, which refers to a “premeditated” and “well-planned” homicide.

After the crime against the famous model, the police have already arrested four possible suspects. These are the parents of Abby Choi, as well as the brothers of her ex-husband, who are suspected of being involved in the case.

Meanwhile, so far there is no record of the influencer’s ex-husband, who fled after the discovery of the body. The initial police investigations indicate that the murder against Abby Choi was committed due to an economic dispute between the model herself and the parents of her ex-husband: worth 12.7 million dollars.

Because? According to various local media, the parents and brother of Abby Choi’s ex-husband disagreed with the way in which the victim handled the money that would correspond to a family fortune, since the in-laws of the young woman own a company foods with great presence in China.