Abraham Delgadillo presents his exhibition Retrospective

Abraham Delgadillo perceives his capture beyond inspiration as a need of the soul.

The artist Abraham Delgadillo presented the Retrospective exhibition with more than 30 works of his authorship, among which different disciplines such as photography, painting and sculpture stand out, which he has carried out throughout his 20-year career.

In this series of works, the artist portrays his process of evolution where he alludes to different periods in the history of painting, mainly and sculpture; from the self-portrait to the imaginative with the influence of biblical passages from a baroque style, to socio-economic aspects and social criticism, the author captures his thoughts from different scenarios of his life.

Abraham Delgadillo perceives his expressing beyond inspiration as a need for the soul, the mind and oxygen, what he says turns to the outside, the thought of what he is going to say to the public, for which he takes up themes such as violence, the psychosocial, life, money, ambition, among others that he considers should be put on the table; for which he names his work as multifaceted.

«Art is a necessity, but it is something that also sensitizes the public, something we need to become more empathetic, more considerate, more sensitive; it is something that definitely makes us more human and without a doubt distances us from activities that are definitely not productive, they are beneficial to us.

And it is something that I do for love and pleasure, since it is a complicated profession, I have to rely on teaching »argued the author.

Among his main influences he mentioned Pablo Ruiz Picasso, José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera and Francisco Toledo; He recommended that young people interested in and passionate about the artistic discipline always seek the possibility of academic training, be informed and build on the visual vagabond that culture offers.

Abraham Delgadillo Sánchez He was born in San Luis Potosí. He received academic training in Fine Arts and the State School of Plastic Arts of the State, for which he has a Bachelor of Plastic Arts; His retrospective work will be exhibited throughout the month of December at the Francisco Cossío Museum in the capital of San Luis Potosí.