Access Your Favorite Genres On Netflix With These Secret Codes

Codes for all types of genre on Netflix. (photo: AVPasión)

Throughout the years, Netflix It has had several categories of which it is difficult to decide what to look at. If this has happened to you before, you are certainly not alone. The streaming platform strives to make things easier for us and incorporates enhancements to our service to make it easy for subscribers to choose from so much offering. From its top 10 recommendations, to personalized recommendations. If that doesn’t work for you either, We recommend that you use a Netflix code to access hidden genres.

Although the platform presents general categories such as movies, series or news, it is necessary to have direct access to certain genres such as “action comedy” or “film based on real events”. The truth is that they exist and are available to any user who knows them. You can access them if you enter the platform from your computer. There you will see that when entering any section like a movie or a series, the url has a code. This number is the key to being able to access dozens of categories that you have certainly never fallen into, and this will help you choose curious and hidden content.

To use it, connect to Netflix on your computer or type “ “ in your browser. After “génre /”, without spaces, write the number of the movie or series you want to see. You can choose from this long list that we leave you below:

1. Series 83

Drama consumption has exploded in recent years, and it’s rarely a weekend that we don’t spend watching a weird episode of our favorite series or discovering a new title that keeps us hooked on the couch. There are dozens of genres and genres, and Netflix has categorized TV productions based on these codes.

52117 British Series

46553 TV classics

26146 Crime series

74652 Cult Series

72436 Food and travel

27346 Children’s television

67879 Korean series

25804 Series about the army

4814 Miniseries

9833 Reality TV

52780 Science and nature

1372 Science fiction and fantasy series

10673 Action & Adventure Series

10375 Comedy series

10105 Documentary series

11714 Drama series

83059 Horror series

4366 Mystery Series

Best series in Spanish. (photo: Netflix SF)

2. Youth Series 60951

The youth genre deserves a category of its own. In recent years, he has in store for us surprises like Elite, Stranger Things or Riverdale, which both teenagers and adults appreciate. If you have seen any of these series and are excited, try searching with these codes.

3519 Teen comedies

9299 Teen Dramas

52147 Youth scares

Photographs provided by Netflix / EFE.
Photographs provided by Netflix / EFE.

3. Thrillers 8933

Last but not least, as they say, the suspense genre. The successes of The innocent or the Baztán trilogy, with The invisible guardian, The legacy in the bones and Giving the storm are some of the examples you can find on the platform. With these subgenres you will find all kinds of stories with no shortage of tensions and surprises.

43048 Action Thrillers

46588 Classic Thrillers

10499 Crime Thrillers

10306 Foreign Thrillers

31851 Gangster Movies

3269 Independent Thrillers

9994 Mysteries

10504 Political thrillers

5505 Psychological Thrillers

11014 Sci-Fi Thrillers

9147 Spy Thrillers

972 Steamy Thrillers

The Innocent on Netflix.  (photo: La Vanguardia)
The Innocent on Netflix. (photo: La Vanguardia)

4. Horror Movies 8711

Another genre that never goes out of style is horror. Man has always had a great fascination for fears and fears, which shows the large number of horror films that have been made since the advent of the seventh art. There is a huge variety on Netflix, from comics like Army of the Dead to more intense series like The Witch.

10944 Cult Horror Movies

45028 Horror Movies about the Sea

8654 Foreign Horror Movies

89585 Comedy Horror Movies

947 Monster Movies

6998 Satanic stories

8646 Serial killer and slasher movies

42023 Supernatural Horror Movies

52147 Youth scares

75804 Vampire Horror Movies

75930 Werewolf Horror Movies

75405 Zombie Horror Movies

Mike Flanagan created
Mike Flanagan created “The Curse of Hill House” and “The Curse of Bly Manor”, two horror series based on books. (Netflix)

5. Action and adventure 1365

The action genre has been a classic for many years, mostly because the special effects have made all kinds of adventures easy. In this category you will find different titles such as the superhero The Amazing SpiderMan, World War Z Apocalypse or Spanish titles like Bajocero.

43040 Action Comedies

1568 Action & Fantasy

43048 Action Thrillers

7442 Adventures

77232 Asian Action Movies

46576 Classic Action & Adventure

10118 Comic book and superhero movies

9584 Crime action & adventure

11828 Action & Adventure Aliens

20541 Kidnapping Movies

8985 Martial arts movies

2125 Military action & adventure

10702 Spy action & adventure

7700 Westerns

Spiderman  (photo: Netflix)
Spiderman (photo: Netflix)

6. Anime 7424

Anime fans have always found their niche on the streaming platform. The company is investing more and more in this genre and offers works such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Evangelion or the entire Studio Ghibli collection.

11881 Animation for adults

5507 Animal tales

2729 Anime Sci-Fi

2653 Anime action

9302 Anime comedies

452 Anime dramas

11146 Fantastic Anime

3063 Anime Movies

10695 Horror Anime

6721 Anime Series

Studio Ghibli on Netflix.  (photo:
Studio Ghibli on Netflix. (photo:

7. Comedies 6548

If action is one of the classic genres called great, comedy is no exception. Everyone, absolutely everyone, at some point in our lives needs to laugh and drown their sadness. There is nothing like a good movie that gives you the optimism you need and makes you smile. For fun, try the Red Alert, the Bo burnham Inside special, or the Spanish If It Was Rich.

9302 Anime comedies

869 Dark comedies

4426 Foreign Comedies

89585 Horror Comedies

1402 Late Night Comedies

26 Mock Documentaries

13335 Musical comedies

Explained ending of
Explained ending of “Red Alert”. (Credit / Netflix)

8. Documentaries 6839

Learning a topic through an interesting documentary is a wonderful experience. If you are looking to learn more about the world around us, celebrities, social issues, or dive into the world of “real crime”, give these codes a try.

3652 Biographical Documentaries

9875 Crime Documentaries

5161 Foreign documentaries

5349 Historical Documentaries

4006 Army Documentaries

90361 Music documentaries

7018 Political documentaries

10005 Religious Documentaries

2595 Nature Documentaries

3675 Social and cultural documentaries

2760 Spiritual Documentaries

180 Sports Documentaries

1159 Travel and adventure documentaries

The Netflix documentary featured testimonials from people close to the singer and her father.  (Netflix)
The Netflix documentary featured testimonials from people close to the singer and her father. (Netflix)

9. Dramas 5763

Drama is perhaps the broadest genre in the world of cinema. Many movies are categorized here, and for this reason subcategories help you find exactly what you need the most. Maybe today you want to delve into a character and try “book dramas,” which are about gender issues, or you like a love story, like The Last Love Letter. Anyway, beautiful surprises await you in the drama section.

11 Army Dramas

3179 Biographical dramas

6889 Crime Dramas

4961 Dramas based on books

3653 Dramas based on a true story

500 LGBT Dramas

6616 Political dramas

1255 Romantic dramas

5012 Showbiz Dramas

3947 Dramas about social problems

7243 Sports Dramas

Drama series on Netflix.  (photo: La Neta Neta)
Drama series on Netflix. (photo: La Neta Neta)

10. Music 1701

If you are passionate about music and do not miss any musical news or soundtrack worthy of the name, here you have arranged all the titles where the songs have a special importance.

32392 Classical musicals

59433 Disney Musicals

52843 Music for children

10741 Latin Music

13335 Musical

13573 Musicals about show business

55774 Theatrical musicals

2856 Concerts of music from around the world

Electronic movies on Netflix.  (photo: Córdoba Beat)
Electronic movies on Netflix. (photo: Córdoba Beat)

11. Romantic Movies 8883

Another genre that no one can escape is romantic movies. Fans of the genre are very loyal and know exactly what they are looking for when they want romance. One day they go to see a comedy that makes them laugh, while another day they prefer something more serious and go to the theater. Whatever your needs, you will find what you are looking for here.

31273 Classic Romantic Movies

36103 Eccentric romantics

5475 Romantic comedies

1255 Romantic dramas

502675 Romantic Favorites

7153 Romantic foreign movies

9916 Romantic Independent Movies

35800 Sensual Romantic Movies

Romantic movies on Netflix.  (photo: Rex Nation)
Romantic movies on Netflix. (photo: Rex Nation)

12. Science fiction and fantasy 1492

Indescribable monsters, parallel worlds, reality has its own rules. If you dream of traveling to other planets and having incredible adventures on the back of a dragon, this is the category for you. Don’t miss out on action comedies like Men in Black or family movies like Indiana Jones.

1568 Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy

3327 Alien Science Fiction

47147 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Classics

4734 Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy

9744 Fantasy Movies

6485 Alien Sci-Fi & Fantasy

6926 Sci-Fi Adventure

3916 Sci-Fi Dramas

1694 Sci-Fi Horror Movies

11014 Sci-Fi Thrillers

Men in black.  (photo: Netflix)
Men in black. (photo: Netflix)

13. Sports Movies 4370

Sports have spawned some poignant, epic, and inspiring stories, so it’s no wonder there are a plethora of movies, series, and documentaries available in this world. If you are passionate about soccer, basketball, tennis or any other sport, use one of these codes.

12339 Baseball Movies

12762 Basketball Movies

12443 Boxing Movies

12803 American Football Movies

8985 Martial arts movies

6695 Martial arts, boxing and professional wrestling

12549 Soccer Movies

9327 Sport and exercise

5286 Sports comedies

180 Sports Documentaries

7243 Sports dramas

Sports movies on Netflix.  (photo: Sports inc)
Sports movies on Netflix. (photo: Sports inc)


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