According to Bill Gates, smartphones will be replaced by electronic tattoos

Bill Gates. (photo: The Nation)

The smart phones they are in the center of almost all markets technological but it has not always been so and probably will not be. Now manufacturers are trying to focus on strengthening the ecosystem, moving to virtual reality or make your products work even on refrigerator screens. But Bill Gates believes that the product that will replace the cell phones already exists: the electronic tattoo.

It sounds weird, since smartphones They have been available to people for so many years that it is increasingly difficult to remember the first ones that looked like square boxes with buttons to call, and that fortunately have been evolving for the comfort of the user. Today, mobile phones have taken the world by storm, destroying almost the entire market like compact cameras and taking a lot of weight away from other things like personal computers.

But then, What does Bill Gates mean about electronic tattoos replacing the smartphones that everyone knows today and surely owns? Here is the explanation:

Chaotic Moon, a team with smart ink and integrated sensors

Now that tattoos have finally become popular, it’s rare to see someone without an important date on their forearm, a heart on their hip, or a tiger on their shoulder. The next step, in evolutionary terms, seems obvious: add value to the tattoo beyond the emotional and aesthetic. Chaotic Moon seems to have found it, and Bill Gates thinks it’s the perfect solution.

Chaotic Moon is a technology development team that Accenture acquired in 2015. It is an American group that is characterized by launching daring designs on the sponsorship table and in just over 10 years of life, has caught the attention of Bill Gates with electronic tattoos.

How electronic tattoos work

The electronic tattoos offered by Chaotic Moon are located on the border between aesthetics and biotechnology. It is not exactly talking about the implantation of chips or other components as when bionics topics are normally discussed, but rather, the tattoo ink itself, which is the key to everything. It is an ink equipped with “nanotubes” capable of collecting, receiving and sending information.

If its applications to other areas of technology were already in the minds of its creators, now it is betting on the medical sector. The electronic tattoo must be able to alert the ‘tattooist’ when detects the presence of fever, certain infections and other changes in the person’s internal physiology.

Your sensor will process it and will automatically send a notification to a mobile device. Similarly, they can measure daily life and even store information in the human body, such as medical reports.

Chaotic Moon.  (photo: Pinterest)
Chaotic Moon. (photo: Pinterest)

The growth of these applications could easily lead to use of tattoos to determine the geographical location of the user, or as a means of communication with other people, so that they would take a lot of daily load off the current mobile phone.

Bill Gates, a famous philanthropist who now acts as an analyst and predicts what is to come, he believes these electronic tattoos will eventually replace cell phones. And as he believes, he has come to invest in the business.

How to prevent the next pandemic, the new book by Bill Gates already has a presentation date

the billionaire, Bill Gates, He wants what happened to him not to be repeated COVID-19. Thus, The tycoon will publish on May 3 ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’. A book in which he recounts the lessons that the pandemic in the last two years and how to use this information so that the world does not stand still.

Bill Gates’ book is a little late to this pandemic; although some tips can still be applied to future waves. Because yes, to the regret of all readers, there will probably be more. However, the idea is not to end COVID-19, but to prevent other pandemics from disrupting people’s lives again and even.

New book by Bill Gates called 'How to prevent the next pandemic'.  (photo: Diffusion)
New book by Bill Gates called ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’. (photo: Diffusion)

“In the book, I expose the concrete measures that we can take not only to stop future pandemics, but also to offer better health care to all the inhabitants of the world”, says the tycoon.

But he not only talks about that in ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’, which will be published by Knopf at USA and Penguin Random House worldwide.

Bill Gates new book.  (photo: YouTube)
Bill Gates new book. (photo: YouTube)

He also talks about the lessons left by the current pandemic of coronavirus; innovations we need to save lives, or new tools that will help “stop pathogens early and equitably”

And yes, Bill Gates is also on the subject that the vast majority of people have been waiting for: what it means to be in the center of conspiracy theories.


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