Actor Rodrigo Cachero and Survivor participant Adianez Hernández divorce for this reason…

They get divorced and there is no going back.


He never saw himself sending a statement to the media explaining details of his private life, but in the end, the actor Rodrigo Cachero ended up doing it, because I think it was necessary to make it clear that they will continue to see him with his ex-wife now that they are starting the divorce process.

“Although I was the first to think that it was a joke when someone reported or made a statement about their personal life, now I understand why they do it. We are far from being Shakira and Piqué, but somehow it is important to share what is happening, in cases come walking in the street or we meet there. Do not judge Adianez or us in our decision to be single and divorced,” said the artist in a video that surprised his followersbecause together with Adianez they formed a solid and very loved couple within the show.

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They had lived together for 11 years and got married in 2018, but there came a time when the relationship no longer worked and Cachero stated what the reasons were. “As challenging as these past few months have been, I’m not going to throw those 11 years away. I won’t do it. So, sometimes, two human beings stop loving each other, first one and then the other, and decide to maintain a cordial and friendly relationship for the good of their children,” said the friend and executor of the late Fernando del Solar.

According to Rodrigo, the fact that love as a couple has ended does not mean that they should live in a war, since there was a mutual affection and they plan to remain very close for the sake of their two children.

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For his part, in his networks, Adianez dedicated the following message to his children: “I will always seek the happiness of each one individually and as a family. I love you with all my heart and rest assured that day by day I will fight to be happy to give you that happiness and that you grow up full of love, joy, vibrating beautifully as mom has always done.”