Actor Yoo Ah-in Attempts To Destroy Evidence In Illegal Drug Use Investigation

Police have detected signs that actor Yoo Ah-in had attempted to destroy evidence in connection with the ongoing investigation into his alleged illegal use of five different drugs, a police official said Monday.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) last week requested an arrest warrant for the 37-year-old actor, accused of illegally consuming five different drugs for non-medical purposes: propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, and zolpidem, which is a medication for insomnia.

Yoo previously underwent two rounds of police questioning, including on Tuesday of last week, and has reportedly denied the allegations. He admitted, in part, that he smoked marijuana, but insisted that the use of propofol, ketamine and others was for medical purposes.

The SMPA official said that at the initial stage of the investigation, the police concluded that Yoo’s case was not particularly serious and chose not to request an arrest warrant for him.

But the amount of drugs Yoo allegedly abused grew as the investigation progressed, as the actor continued to deny using them, the officer said when addressing the reasons behind the warrant request.