Actress Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa got married

On the afternoon of December 9, Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa confirmed that they got married in a ceremony to which they invited some of their closest loved ones. The couple kept this moment a secret so that it was as intimate as possible.

Caras magazine was the one that announced that the actors got married without telling almost anyone and organized this event in a few days. Before, they had already planned to unite their lives at the altar, but they decided to postpone it a little since they wanted to add some more family members at this important moment.

As the couple explained, they both had in mind from the beginning that they wanted to get married and that was why they did not want to waste any more time and acted.

As soon as they realized that they had a few days without work commitments, they began to invite their relatives, everyone confirmed that they could go to the wedding, so they had a small meeting, among very close people and without attracting the attention of the media. .

Michelle confessed that in reality it was just about doing something symbolic, since they have been living together as a family for a year. The reason they wanted to do this ceremony was to celebrate her love with her loved ones.