Adamari López returned to the Televisa forums

Edson Vazquez

They say that the good son always returns home and that is what Adamari López did this Friday morning when he returned, after 15 years, to the Televisa San Ángel facilities to present his new game show that will be broadcast on Channel 5 from Monday, March 4 at 9:00 p.m.

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The actress had not set foot on Televisa since 2009 when she recorded the soap opera Alma de Hierro and terminated her contract with the channel that made her known throughout the world thanks to melodramas such as Sin ti, Camila, Locura de amor and Amigas y rivals.

Now, in her role as host, she presented Who Will Fall?, whose dynamic consists of a central participant challenging the eight opponents around him in trivia duels, one by one. In each duel it will be defined who loses and who wins and will remain in the game. Whoever loses will be fired from that program, falling into a trap placed on the ground.

Every time a trivia is won, the central participant will choose between two options to discover what amount of money will be added to the accumulated bag. When there is only one participant left in the center of the set, they will play the exciting final trivia to see if they can win the total accumulated amount of the night.