Addis Tuñón reveals the truth about the crisis in the marriage of Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón

Addis Tuñón does not remain silent and reveals what is happening between Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón.

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A few days ago, Addis Tuñón assured that there is a marital crisis between Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón.

After Imelda Tuñón Jáuregui, Maribel Guardia’s mother-in-law, attacked the actress by writing hurtful messages to her to leave her grandson, Jose Julián, in peace, journalist Addis Tuñón, aunt of Imelda Garza, widow of Julián Figueroa, revealed that the rumors of Maribel’s marital crisis with Marco Chacón were caused by the mother herself Imelda Garza Tuñón.

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“I’m talking to Imelda, mom, she asks me to pay attention to the messages she has been sending me since Monday. He tells me that with the authorization of Maribel and Imelda to make it known that there is a separation between Maribel and Marcothat she authorizes a medium to make this known and take Marco Chacón out of the house…There are so many calls, I take the last one and a relative apparently also Tuñón and tells me a terrible situation that Maribel and Imelda are supposedly experiencingmy cousin, from a Marco Chacón’s alleged infidelity”he commented Addis Tuñón in ‘First hand’.

The driver Addis Tuñón He stated before the cameras that Marco Chacón and Maribel Guardia are more in love than ever.

“I here, concerned about the situation, say that the messages that my cousin sent to Maribel are not something that is more serious, than my source supposedly at that moment, who is the mother of Maribel’s daughter-in-law, there could be a marital crisis here”.

“The next day I contacted this relative who spoke to me and she told me, Addis, I never spoke to you, I told her it was her voice, I never spoke to you and she then told me that The mother of Imelda Garza Tuñón, widow of Julián Figueroa, has many problems with the familyof violence that goes against the interests and affections of his own daughter.”

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At the same time, Addis Tuñón got in touch with Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón.

“They are beautiful, beautiful people, we want to tell you who your source is and we want to tell you what is happening. They were worried about their daughter-in-law’s feelings, because his own mother was creating a conflict situation. I I apologized to Maribel and Marco, I was trusting a source I believed to be reliable. “They didn’t want to continue with this situation.”

“(A few months ago) my cousin invited me to Julián Figueroa’s wake, but I did not agree to go. A month later, my cousin invited me to a meeting in Xochimilco. The next day I had breakfast with Imelda’s mother, her Imelda’s grandmother and with little Julián; Imelda, my mother, tells me that breakfast is canceled the next day because her mother fell.. I found out from a relative who is not Imelda, nor Maribel nor Marco, that Imelda’s mother’s mother was beaten at Maribel’s house to the point of almost being hospitalized by her own daughter.. I speak with Imelda Garza and she authorizes me to say that unfortunately her mother has attitudes that correspond to the fact that she needs help, that Her grandmother went to live in another city, fleeing the danger of being with her daughter.. Imelda, despite everything, is protected by Maribel and Marco Chacón”.

For its part, Gustavo Adolfo Infante commented that the lady, mother of Imelda Garzahas an alcoholism problem and hates Marco Chacón and Maribel Guardia and also Juliánand wants to get rid of Marco Chacón to keep Maribel’s house.

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