Addis Tuñón suffered sexual abuse

Addis Tuñón reveals that they abused her.

Addis Tuñón opened her heart by saying that she was a victim of abuse during her childhood.

It was during the broadcast of the program ‘The minute that changed my destiny’ that Addis Tuñón She recounted the traumatic moment she experienced as a child.

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“I was abused, not raped. She was 6 years old, it was the summer of ’81. I remember very well that the children in Summer were helpless until the night when their parents told them to get involved.

“I was at my grandmother’s house and there was a house under construction, some older people, two men, came to tell me that we should play house, I said ok. They explained to me and they drew themselves naked, in the gravel of the house under construction. They explained to me that I had to allow myself to be the mother of the house,” she told him. the beloved presenter originally from Chihuahua to Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Addis Tuñón47, recalled how he managed to escape that terrible moment that could have caused irreparable damage to his life.

“In my innocence I said: ‘Let’s play, here I am.’ They took off my underwear and started trying to abuse me. “I didn’t know what they were doing because fortunately or unfortunately I had a lot of innocence.”

“But the game stopped being fun, I started to feel a little discomfort. This was not good. I remember being on the gravel and them struggling to see how they achieved their goal, it was 8 at night, when at that moment I heard (the song of ‘Chavo del 8’), I thought ‘Chavo del 8’ was more interesting than the game they were giving me, they didn’t want to let me go, I ran away… A long time later I understood, I never knew who they were, I don’t remember their faces or I wanted to erase them, I know they were people from there.”