Adele is invited to Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal factory and she gets excited

One of the most beloved foreign singers in Mexico is Adele.

He has repeatedly expressed that he admires the Aztec lands. Now the singer once again expressed her love for the country, after Dr. Simi invited her to visit her stuffed animal factory in Puebla, and she was excited to know who makes them.

After the Rolling in the Deep singer showed her Dr. Simi collection on her social networks, the stuffed animal factory invited her to CINIA, a facility where the manufacturing process of the dolls is carried out.

Adele in response, during her concert at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the United States took a pause to respond to Dr. Simi, in addition to thanking him for the invitation.

The singer, at the beginning, asked: “Do we have anyone from Mexico tonight, ladies and gentlemen?” and then she said: “During the shows I have been receiving these incredible dolls, which are like a token of Mexican love, they are called Simi dolls.”

He explained that he found out about their existence because during his concerts people tend to give them to him. As a result, he began to investigate and discovered its origin.

Adele, moved, reported: “I didn’t know that Simi dolls were made by disabled people.

It’s a beautiful story, I had no idea. They all give them to me dressed like me, they use my hairstyles, my outfits and things like that.”