Adele talks about Shakira and assures that Piqué is in trouble

Through TikTok, a video of Adele joking about the relationship between Piqué and Shakira went viral

The Colombian singer Shakira performed her song “Music Sessions Vol. 53” live for the first time with Bizarrap on Jimmy Fallon’s hit show, Adele spoke about the performance of the singer from Barranquilla during a recent concert she offered in Las Vegas.

Shakira and Bizarrap attended the popular television show “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” as musical guests in New York on Friday, March 10, to perform their hit collaboration live for the first time.

Shakira’s presentation on one of the most important television programs in the United States became a global trend, her fans celebrated her return from revenge to the stage and even Adele reacted to the “musical bombshell.”

Adele asked a girl who attended her concert in Las Vegas on March 11 who was her favorite artist, she replied that Shakira and the British singer confessed that she watched her iconic performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show and laughingly assured that Gerard Piqué is having problems causing applause and ovations from the public.

Oh, last night I saw Shakira’s performance on the Jimmy Fallon show. Oh, her ex-husband of hers is in trouble! ».

The singer-songwriter from Barranquilla, Colombia, sang her most explicit “vengeance song” live for the first time against Gerard Piqué, her children Milan and Sasha sang “Music Sessions Vol. 53” in the front row, the audience accompanied her with the lyrics from start to finish and even surprised Adele with her explosive performance.