Adrián Suar seduces in a unique production

“This country does not give for divismos”, says Adrián Suar on the other side of his imposing desk in the Pol-ka offices. Your lunch? a fruit salad and still water while preparing a sensual portfolio for El Planeta Urbano magazine.

During the session, the producer -one of the most important in the country- plays with different types of looks: more relaxed, with a white shirt and three unbuttoned buttons, then with a half-made shirt and tie and an open vest and finally with a Exquisite tuxedo, ready for a grand gala.

He’s seductive and he knows it and plays with it.

Machado Cicala Morassut 162

“You never believed her?”

I never believed it, it was always better for me to go under the radar, it is not a pose, it is something that is born to me. I am like that, I laugh, I am usually enterprising and cheerful.

– Returning to the subject of divism, that seems not to be your thing

It happens that this country does not give to have scenes of divism. Some may appear that have just started with diva scenes, but it always ends up being pathetic because those who are working around them think “look, what a shame this mine gives me, please”. Or “look at this fool who becomes the star and is a fool.” As I told you, this country does not give to be a divo. Except Darín (laughs). It is a small market. Beautiful, divine, of great actors, but calm. I cross General Paz and nobody knows me, so I say: go easy.

“Why do you keep acting?”

The actor part is a segment of creative work, as well as the producer part. That playful part of the actor amuses me, it does me good, and that is why in the last ten years I took it much more seriously than when I was more of a fool. At one point I was more focused on production, until I realized that there was a problem to be solved or improved, a potential that I think I have, and I insisted on improving myself in acting year after year.

The reason for the return to acting of Adrián Suar is the film I married a jerk, where he once again doubles with the great Valeria Bertuccelli. She plays a novice actress who falls in love with her partner in fiction (Suar), a great star with all the vices that this implies, but over time she realizes that the actor, outside of fiction, is a “jerk” who only says or does interesting things when he is under the tutelage of his writers.

–With what characteristics of the role of idiot that you play in the film do you feel identified?

Well, it’s not a self-referential movie (laughs), but at some point you realize that if you look back over your life in many situations you acted like a jerk. I suppose I have gone from behaving like a jerk with some couples, but it happens to all of us.

“They never told you?” Didn’t Griselda tell you?

Yeah right, even to do myself a favor if I’m being a jerk.

–What did Margarita (N. de la R .: the three-year-old daughter she has with the actress Griselda Siciliani) bring to your life?

A deep state of constant drooling. I was desperate to have a baby girl, it’s a completely different feeling. I am lucky because when I had my first child I wanted him to be a boy, and Toto came. After many years passed, I separated, I did not know if I was going to be able to have another child, but deep down I was desperate to have a girl.

–And it came.

Griselda came first, and with her Margarita’s love. There is something about the daughter woman for the father that cannot be explained. Margarita illuminates us every day, we are crazy about her. Griselda spent the entire first year attached to her, literally, 365 days a year.

“Is it true that he continues to sleep with you?”

Yes, that’s because of the mother (laughs). Let’s see if this year she starts sleeping alone.

– How does this alter the functioning of the couple?

Well, you have to search for it, it is a job, like everything. But the fact that the three of them are together is so close that it drives me crazy.

  Machado Cicala Morassut 162
Machado Cicala Morassut 162

– Is it true that from the beginning you knew that you were going to have a child with Griselda?

Yes. With Gri, when we weren’t so confident, we already knew we were going to have a child. We suggested it, we didn’t get to talk about it, but later we confessed that we both thought about it from the beginning. Six years passed until we had Margarita, but from the beginning we were clear about it, I met her and said: “With this girl I can have a child.” It was like an intuition.

–The love stories move your scripts. How does this translate into your life?

One, in life, more than four great love stories does not have.

– How many did you have?

And, I will have had three.

– It gives me a lot of intrigue to know who is the third.

Well, it was as a boy. I started dating at fourteen.

“Let’s get back to work.” How do you manage to have three programs on the air, several projects in the pipeline, be in all the details and not die of stress?

Being organized. I am very much in the kitchen and I dedicate myself to that, to history, to craftsmanship, to dialogue with the authors, with the team, everything.

“Are you half a workaholic?”

No, what happens is that this is like my hobby and my trade, it is something that I always like, so I always want to play another game. The day I stop being my love and become just my job, it will be different. When you find your vocation, your life is ordered, and I, fortunately, found it at a very young age.

– Having started so young never led you to excesses?

With drugs?

-For instance.

No. I was very lucky because I never took drugs or had friends who did. I was lucky because drugs can come easily to you, but I have never been in the circles of friends who tanned that wave. Not because I looked for it, it just happened that way.

–Let’s move on to your consumption habits. Is it true that you like to go to the supermarket?

You throw me in the supermarket and I go crazy, the chain comes off. On weekends I go alone or with Gri.

–Don’t tell me that you go with Griselda to the supermarket one weekend and people don’t jump on them?

No, I go to Nordelta and nothing more than a “hello” happens, and I keep choosing my things.

–What are your epicurean pleasures?

A good wine, Chardonnay or Malbec.

-What do you like to buy?

Slippers, borcegos, leather jackets, T-shirts. I like buying clothes.

“Any eccentricity?” Luxury cars, for example …

No, that does not matter to me, it is not a subject that I am passionate about. Now I am taking over the issue of decoration, and I think I improved my taste.

–How did you improve your taste?

And yes, good taste is something that is learned.

-Or not.

Or not (laughs), but if you take care and make it cool, it is something you can learn. Before I was a disaster on that subject, and now I learned a lot. And that is something that takes me out of mine, distracts me, does me good.

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