Adrián Varela from ‘La Academia’ reappears, but with very bad news

In the fourth generation of ‘La Academia’, where Erasmo Catarino won and Yuridia rose to fame, there was also Adrián Varela, a singer who continues to work hard for his dreams but who reappeared with very bad news.

Adrián lives in Sinaloa, suffers from an illness and was recently fired, in an apparent act of homophobia or retaliation for attending the LGBTTTQ+ pride march.

The singer reported on his social networks that after his participation in the march and a benefit concert for DIF Culiacán some situations began that directly affect my access to health services and therefore also at the work level.

“The public was wonderful, everything flowed (July 30) and on the first of August at the Municipal Institute of Culture of Culiacán they asked me to resign, which I could not accept due to my health condition and the need to take my treatment in time and way, I can’t discontinue it.

“For the institute I carried out the activities of singing, conducting and conducting interviews; I also represented it in different events inside and outside the State; as well as for other municipal events that requested me.
I traveled to the World Bolero Festival and on my return I discovered that I had been discharged since August 12; Nobody notified me, I still answered a call before traveling to promote an Institute activity,” Adrián denounced.

“I call on the authorities to allow me to continue working and have access to the health service that I need so much; I like to get along with everyone; I don’t have any conflicts with anyone; I don’t belong to any political party, I always I have handled how artists do it in a neutral way and with a focus on finding solutions; I have been 100% institutional,” he said in a first video.

However, there was no prompt solution and Adrián Varela raised his voice again to seek justice. And it is that he assured that they did not even give him the corresponding settlement.

I have tried to reconcile things by being very respectful and prudent; however, I have discovered that in addition to firing me unjustifiably; They did not liquidate me, and they swindled me because they had already discharged me and made me work abusing my good will and disposition”.

“I have been put in a vulnerable situation! And I have done nothing but work well; I appreciate the support of all the good-hearted people who have contacted me to help in different ways; I feel accompanied by God and by you, thank you very much for not leaving me alone in these unfair situations, “he wrote.

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