Africa Zavala, informal: she stopped a recording forum… and it was worth it!

A few days ago, a special program was recorded with the protagonists of the story: Alejandra Barros, Sophie Alexander, Nailea Norvind and Zaide Silvia; however, there were two big absentees: Rebecca Jones and Africa Zavala.

The first could not attend for health reasons, and the second flatly did not come to the call, despite the fact that she had agreed that she was going to go.

Could it be that after making this telenovela it went up? Aurora Valle herself, who was in charge of hosting this broadcast as part of her Confessions program, said that Africa Zavala missed it, and it really was that way because the meeting was truly emotional, a great treat for viewers.


The journalist considers that it is a real success that the tlnovelas channel has decided to broadcast this great love story, which, unlike other melodramas, begins when the protagonists are united in marriage, which completely breaks with the scheme that “ They lived happily ever after”.

To return to love premiered in 2010 under the production of Giselle González and Roberto Gómez Fernández, and portrays the lives of six couples, they get married thinking that it will be forever, blindly believing in marriage, but one day they realize that They do not live as they would like and they are going through a marital crisis. However, together they learn that happiness is possible.

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