After concert, this is how Dua Lupa got the tremor in CDMX (VIDEO)

As part of her Future Nostalgia tour, singer Dua Lipa visited Mexico City to offer a concert at the Foro Sol, but no one imagined that hours later she would experience a magnitude 6.9 earthquake.

It happened during the early hours of Thursday, September 22, after 1 in the morning, when the seismic alert was activated and a telluric movement was felt.

After the scare, many wondered where the temple would have touched Dua Lipa. She was dancing with some friends and this is how she was caught:

But when she trembled, she was evicted from the place like any assistant and thus they caught her in the middle of the scare. Some said “Welcome” and others made fun of her, offering her a bolillo so that she wouldn’t get sick because of her fear.

Some memes also emerged, faithful to the sense of humor of Mexicans…

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