After five centuries preserved in a library, a song book bought by a son of Christopher Columbus in 1534 comes to light

Room of the Colombian Library of Seville, where the songbook was kept for five centuries

Fahmi Alqhai, one of the most important viola da gamba players in the world, recovered one of the musical monuments of the Spanish Renaissance, the “Cancionero de la Colombina de Sevilla”, which was preserved for five centuries and is now performed for the first time since it was acquired in 1534 by Hernando Colón, the Admiral’s son.

It is a montage that can be seen on December 8 at the Espacio Turina in Seville (southern Spain), according to a document that was preserved for five centuries in the Library of the Cathedral of Seville, and that now comes back to light thanks to a Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators in Music and Opera, reports the artist’s office in a statement.

The Cancionero de la Colombina de Sevilla has been in the Library of the same name for five centuries, one of the most important in Europe historically and which is located in a building annexed to the Cathedral of Seville.

The manuscript was acquired in 1534 by the founder of the collection, Hernando Colón, an expert bibliophile, and contains almost a hundred pieces from the unique Andalusian school of the 15th century., many of them still anonymous today and others identified as Juan de Triana, Juan Cornago and other authors of the moment.

Recent investigations in the archive of the duchy of Medina Sidonia have concluded that, in all probability, the manuscript was compiled in said noble house, then based in Seville and to which Juan de Triana was linked.

The importance of the manuscript is enormous as the main source of the unique Sevillian polyphonic school of the 15th century., linked to its immense cathedral, just then under construction and in which the aforementioned Juan de Triana worked.

The crucial historical moment that Seville was living adds cultural value to the manuscript, which It was compiled precisely in the years of the discovery of America by the father of Hernando Colón, and his musical style would radiate from the city – henceforth the seat of the monopoly of American commerce – to all the American colonies.

Fahmi alqhai
Fahmi Alqhai, one of the most important viola da gamba players in the world

This project, headed by Fahmi alqhai -born and resident in Seville-, its objective is the historical recovery of this jewel of the Renaissance, and its premiere in Seville, a few meters from the old ducal seat of the Medina Sidonia house (in the Plaza del Duque).

After this appointment, Fahmi Alqhai faces a concert schedule over the next few months, which will take him to various national and international destinations such as Úbeda (Jaén), Port, Santiponce (Seville), malt, Dubai, Madrid or Berlin, among other places.

(With information from EFE)

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