After five years of litigation, actress apologizes to Aracely Arámbula

Manola Diez and Aracely Arámbula They were great friends for 22 years, even Chule is the godmother of Diez’s son, who is already 16 years old; their friendship was so solid until June 2017 when Manola exploded and made it known on social networks that their relationship was completely fractured.

Diez shared that the protagonist of The Stepmother threatened her with death and called her a coward, pointing out that Aracely was “a rapacious wolf dressed as a sheep.” However, five years after those words, and already with a cool head, Manola Diez regrets it, accepts that she was wrong and assured TVyNovelas that there are no grudges.

We saw that you were on Televisa, are you going back to work? Yes, I’m back, I was temporarily out of the media due to personal situations and then due to the pandemic, but now I’m back and very happy to see my friends, say hello to Eugenio Cobo and so many dear people, so I’m looking for opportunities to worked.

You dedicated yourself to motherhood completely for a long time… Yes, but I have always dedicated myself to being one, even if I worked. What happens is that suddenly there were projects that I could not accept due to the same situation, but I have been a very happy and very proud mother.

Did you just stay with Max? Yes, I was only able to have a son because my delivery was complicated and I lost my womb, but he is worth a thousand, he is a great 16-year-old boy, almost two meters tall, and I am very happy to be his mother.

Maybe you’ll meet again on Televisa with Chule… I know that she is making a telenovela (La madrastra), but I haven’t seen it. Her father passed away recently and I wrote her a message because I love her family and her too, in the end the past is behind us and I think we have matured.

Did you get a chance to talk to her after what happened between you? No, not at that moment, but things are clarified, and on my part the affection is with her and her family, there is no more. Sometimes the circumstances of life separate you from the people you love, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love them and that I don’t love their family.

So they didn’t resume friendship? No, but she is the godmother of my son, they even just saw each other, she talked with him, they remembered things… in short, she is an excellent person, with a good heart, and in the end you have to admit when you are wrong, I think things should have been done differently, but that’s how they happened, and I who have known her for so many years can say that she is a great woman and that there are no grudges.

But they still don’t talk… I haven’t seen it, I’m honest.

By the way, how were things with the father of your child? We are great friends, we have a very good relationship thanks to God.

After you separated from your husband, did you ever give yourself another chance at love? No, mind you, no, I haven’t given myself the opportunity, I’ve dedicated myself to being a mother, and I think that things of love have to be given, one doesn’t have to look for them or force them, it’s not that I’m closed to the subject either, but It will come, meanwhile I can tell you that I love myself and I am very happy like this.

What happened between Aracely and Manola?

Supposedly, the friendship of Manola Diez and Aracely Arámbula It ended with some photos that the first published on social networks. The basketball team of Max -Manola’s son-, and Miguel -Aracely’s son-, faced each other in a match; Max’s was the winner and Diez shared some pictures on Facebook.

Apparently, Arámbula did not agree. After her, Diez wrote on her Twitter that Chule threatened her with death and that she held her responsible for anything that happened to her or her son. “I have many things to say about her. The coward sent me messages and I’m already taking action on the matter. Mrs. Aracely now I understand (…) You messed with my family and I will not allow any more teasing. Roberto, the father of my son, is on my side; you are a rapacious wolf in sheep’s clothing (…) I held out my hand to you when you had nowhere to live… 22 years of friendship you forgot, you will pay with that of men and the law of God”. Later, it transpired that the lawsuit between the actresses did not originate from the photos, but because Chule refused to stop talking to Roberto López, Manola’s ex.

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