After his stormy exit from the National Team, Sampaoli surprised when talking about Messi’s leadership in Argentina

Jorge Sampaoli with Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María during training in Russia. Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea (REUTERS/)

jorge sampaoli did not leave a good memory Selection. His cycle was marked by the short circuit that occurred between several members of the coaching staff and the players who traveled to the World Cup in Russia in 2018. The disappointing debut against Iceland (1-1), the adverse win against Croatia (3-0) and the distressing victory against Nigeria (2-1) deposited to the Albiceleste in the round of 16 as second in the Group D and defeat with France (4-3) marked the end of hope creole

During his stay at the AFA, the coach was in charge of 15 commitments, with a negative balance, in relation to the claims of the South American team: seven wins, four losses and four draws.

However, Casilda’s coach referred to the leadership that Lionel Messi had during his time with the national representative’s diver. “Directing Messi is directing a geniusit is a person who is above all. He knows until when he is going to lose and when he is going to win”, he acknowledged in dialogue with Chilean DNA. In the interview given to the Andean media, the strategist recognized that “with two glances he gives you a parameter of what is happening.” “He is a silent leaderbut who understands what is going to happen, he knows when the team that has prepared has no chance of winning. He knows, beyond his technical abilities and his game reading abilities, that’s why he’s a genius.”

In addition, the DT was encouraged to carry out an analysis of what will happen with The Scaloneta in Qatar: “He arrives with a lot of confidence and playing well. Then there is the state of the players who play a World Cup in the middle of a season. But Few teams arrive in the state that Argentina arrives. I don’t dare to say who can be champion. Argentina is doing well, at a good moment, with a level of confidence that can allow have a good world cup. That he can win it is very difficult to predict”.

Nowadays jorge sampaoli he is without a team, but is under consideration by Corinthians from Brazil. After not renewing with the Olympic Marseillethe Brazilian press assured that it is in the folder of the Timao. And his background in Saints Y Atletico Mineiro They left a good feeling in the São Paulo club. In any case, the Brazilian entity has as an option the possibility of incorporating John Paul Vojvodawho works in Fortress.

The truth is that the Corinthians look for a change of course when you make the exit of Victor Preira. The team is fifth in the Brasileirao, with 44 points, 13 behind the leader and for now it maintains one of the places that classifies it to the Libertadores Cup 2023.


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