After the death of Amparín Serrano, his daughter was admitted to a psychiatric hospital

A couple of months after the death of Amparín Serrano due to a domestic accident, her daughter Minnie West requested professional help and decided to enter a psychiatric hospital.

On his Instagram account, he decided to open the topic about the importance of mental health, and confirmed everything:

“Today some of the people I love came to drop me off at the psychiatric hospital where I am going to be hospitalized for the next 30 days, to some it may seem forced to be so open about it, to me it seems silly not to normalize and even promote mental well-being !

“It takes courage to accept that help is needed, I need help, I have not been able to be well without my mother, I cannot do it alone! And this is my last resort, mental health is the most important thing and I think it is good that we all recognize when We need help and let’s not be afraid or ashamed to ask for it,” she wrote.

Since the surprise death of her mother, the young woman was open to talk about how bad she had been.

This is how he said goodbye to his mother:

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