After the divorce Tori Spelling lives in a trailer and has returned to work

Tori Spelling has faced a myriad of changes since her ex-husband Dean McDermott announced their separation via Instagram in June.

It came to light shortly thereafter that she was living in a motel with her four children Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn and Beau and subsequently moved into a trailer due to a severe mold infestation in her rental home in Los Angeles.

Apparently, her mother Candy Spelling offered her a house so that she could settle there with her grandchildren, but Tori rejected the offer.

In a similar gesture, real estate agent Josh Flagg asked her to stay at his mansion, but she only stayed there a few days before opting for the motel.

Spelling’s decisions have surprised many.

She could have opted for a life of luxury in Beverly Hills.

However, Tori seems to be making the best of her new accommodation.

Recently, she enjoyed a day at the beach with her children and celebrated the birthday of “grandma” Isabel, who is actually a woman who has been a part of her life since she was 13 years old.

His current situation has caused quite a stir: friends and family are rumored to be “appalled” and his ex is “appalled” by the conditions in which his ex-wife and children live.

The reasons why she has opted for a caravan are not clear, but she assures that she is living a “crazy adventure”, in the best of the senses.

At the beginning of August, he shared several photos of his day-to-day in the caravan to ensure that he is creating wonderful memories with his children.