After the Hamas attack that left 21 soldiers dead, Israel completed the siege on Khan Younis

The Israeli Army announced this Tuesday that it completed the siege of Khan Younismain city in the south of the Gaza Strip and one of the main military strongholds of the terrorist group Hamas.

Behind the bloody Hamas attack that left 21 soldiers dead“Israel Defense Forces troops carried out an extensive operation during which they surrounded Khan Younis and they deepened the operation in the area,” reported a military statement.

The second largest city in the Strip has been the scene of intense fighting in recent days

The Army explained the ground troops carried out hand-to-hand combat with Hamas men, while the aviation led attacks supported by intelligence to “coordinate the fire”which resulted in the “elimination of dozens of terrorists”.

“The forces attacked terrorist cells carrying RPGs and launched anti-tank missiles, as well as terrorist agents who had installed explosives in compounds in the area,” the statement added.

Israel completes siege on Khan Younis
Ground troops carried out “hand-to-hand” combat with Hamas men

During the operation, The Army located rockets ready for launchmilitary installations, tunnel mouths and numerous weapons.

Palestinian media have reported that the Israeli Army, in its offensive within Khan Younislaid siege to the city’s two main hospitals, Nasser and Al Amal, where there are hundreds of thousands of displaced and injured Gazans.

The objective: find Yahya Sinwar

The Israeli Army began its ground offensive towards the south of the Strip on December 1, when the so far only truce reached with Hamas expired. Khan Younis is your main target, Hamas stronghold in whose tunnels they believe the group’s leaders are hiding.

Israel now has priority to find the leader of Hamas inside the Strip, Yahya Sinwarand the military chief, Mohamed Deifconsidered the masterminds of the October 7 attack on Israeli soil, which left more than 1,200 dead and more than 240 kidnapped.

  Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas inside the Strip (Europa Press/Contact/Yousef Masoud)
Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas inside the Strip (Europa Press/Contact/Yousef Masoud) (Europa Press/Contact/Yousef Mas/)

The offensive on Khan Younis has continued for more than a month and a half, as the troops there have encountered a strong resistance from militias in the Gaza Stripled by the Al Qasam and Al Quds Brigades, armed wings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, respectively.

The troops They are also looking for some of the 136 hostages there that remain within the Strip, since they suspect that they may be hidden under the tunnels of that city, after having found a few days ago an extensive tunnel with indications that they had been held captive there.

Netanyahu mourns loss of soldiers

Meanwhile, Israel remains shocked by the deaths of 21 soldiers in the deadliest attack in Gaza. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuhas lamented the loss of the soldiers and stated that the army will continue fighting until “absolute victory”.

In a post on X, Netanyahu said that Monday was “one of the hardest days since the outbreak of war”.

He said the army will begin a investigation into the attackin which a militant fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a tank, triggering a secondary explosion that brought down two buildings on top of the soldiers.

It is the deadliest attack against Israeli forces in Gaza since the ground operation began.

In Tuesday’s post, Netanyahu wrote: “In the name of our heroes, and for our own lives, we will not stop fighting until absolute victory.”

(With information from EFE and AP)