After the show before Maduro, Pablo Montero will sing in the US

The mini concert he offered Pablo Montero to the president of Venezuela for his 59th birthday was the most controversial in the singer’s career. He first received criticism for having accepted the invitation of Nicolas Maduro, which was interpreted as a political act.

Huntsman He had to publish a statement in which he clarified that his work as a singer has no ideological preferences.

“Regarding my participation in the Miraflores Palace in Venezuela, where other singers were also present during an event of President Nicolás Maduro, I tell you that as an artist I have no party or flag, other than that of Mexican music, which is universal. Besides that the mariachi of Mexico is a World Heritage Site ”.

But later versions emerged that this presentation in Venezuela had caused cancellations of Montero’s shows in the United States, due to the tense diplomatic and political relationship between the two countries.

Pablo’s lawyer, Mariana Gutierrez, denied these versions: “There was a misunderstanding, a confusion. None of the contracts in the United States has been canceled due to Montero’s participation in the birthday of Nicolás Maduro ”.

Gutierrez He explained that in fact, the singer is preparing a musical project of great magnitude, in addition to giving a concert this weekend in California.

“It is also preparing to offer the shows during the holidays,” explained the lawyer.