‘Agend4s’, the Netflix series that offers you authentic Italian romanticism

“Pietro”, a teenager about to turn 13, is the protagonist of this story.


Netflix offers you an exciting Italian story with “Agend4s”. In this series, surprises abound in the hallways of Galileo Galilei High School.

In the midst of the extensive catalog that Netflix offers its subscribers, with content for all tastes and coming from various countries around the world, highlights an Italian youth series that has already managed to accumulate excellent reviews since its premiere in 2022.

This is “Agend4s”, a story created by Alessandro Celli who has promised to keep you on the edge of your seat until he finishes it. If you still haven’t given this exciting Italian production a chance, now is the time.

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“Agend4s” tells us the story of “Pietro”, a teenager fed up with perfection who is about to turn 13 and attends Galileo Galilei High School in Marina Piccola.

“Pietro” is not the only “perfect” person in the series, because We also meet “Livia” and her friend “Daniele”. The high school hallways will witness several stories: from first kisses to heated disputes with rivals. In this aspect, the characters of “Isabel” and “Mónica” stand out, who very seriously fulfill their role as school vigilantes.

“Pietro” feels that he must change something in his life, and so it happens, although not in the way he wanted, because You find out that your school will close its doors soon, which makes his plans take a complete turn.


“Agend4s” has two seasons of 15 and seven episodes respectively, which makes it ideal for a weekend marathon.

About the cast that participates in this series of Netflixthese are some of the actors you will see in it:

  • Andrea Arru
  • Flavia Leone
  • Sofia Nicolini
  • Liam Nicolosi
  • Biagio Venditti
  • Pietro Sparvoll
  • Francesca Cava
  • Federica Franzellitti
  • Emily Shaqiri