Aída Cuevas reveals that she rejected 3 marriage proposals to Juan Gabriel: what was the reason?

Aída Cuevas in an interview with Anette Cuburu spoke about the proposals that Juan Gabriel made to her.


Singer Aida Cuevas in an interview with Anette Cuburu in your programAnetteando” revealed that the singer Juan Gabriel proposed to her three timeshowever, she rejected them. But what was the reason?

Why did Aída Cuevas reject Juan Gabriel?

Aida Cuevas married Uriel Alatriste and she had her son Rodrigo. During that time, The singer suffered physical and psychological violence. Even because of some beatings that her husband gave her, she lost 60 percent of the hearing in her right ear. During that time it was a difficult time for Aidabut Juan Gabriel It was a great support for her.

After Aída got divorced, ‘The divo de Juarez‘le proposed marriage: “Marry me, I see for you and for the child, I can’t say if he was in love with me or if he wanted to start a family or wanted to help me, but he offered it to me three times,” said the interpreter.

Likewise, the Mexican music singer revealed that the reasons why he rejected Juan Gabriel They were: first because she was married, second because of the friendship they had and the third time the interpreter of ‘The Noa Noa‘ He questioned her: “Let’s see my queen, why didn’t you want to marry me?”, to which I responded, “because if I had married you I would have always been Juan Gabriel’s wife and I would never have been Aída Cuevas.” .

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Pablo Montero pays tribute to Juan Gabriel during a Christmas event

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