Aislinn Derbez explodes and goes all out against the doctor who criticized her for saying that emotions cure diseases

Aislinn Derbez became the subject of criticism after her recent podcast.


The renowned actress and model, Aislinn Derbez, has been at the center of a controversy on social networks due to her recent statements on her podcast “The Magic of Chaos.” In this, the artist addressed, together with Dr. Nirdosh Kohra, the topic of how emotions could cause illnesses.

In the episode broadcast on YouTube, Aislinn expressed her perspective on the relationship between emotions and physical health. According to her, both are related and that if you are stressed, sad or going through a bad time, this can affect your physical health.


Aislinn Derbez generated controversy after several unfounded statements.


These statements align with the principles of Bodhi Medicine, a discipline promoted by Dr. Kohra. This approach, according to Kohra, does not focus on attacking diseases at their roots, but rather on eliminating the symptoms they produce.

The controversy intensified when Aislinn related the infection of her father, Eugenio Derbez, to a traumatic situation. Additionally, the actress linked her own Covid-19 symptoms to a breakup.

Mr. Doctor exposes messages that Aislinn Derbez sent him

Social media has been filled with criticism of Derbez and Kohra, accusing them of downplaying conventional medicine and promoting Bodhi Medicine. Users of the X platform expressed their discontent, pointing out that these claims could lead people to distrust established medical treatments.

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In the face of criticism, Aislinn defended the content of her podcast and her guest, Dr. Nirdosh Kohra, assuring that it has given her positive results. The actress shared her personal experience by stating that she has managed to overcome most of her illnesses through managing her emotions, following the premises of Bodhi Medicine.

Aislinn concluded by saying: “We are not saying that all illnesses are emotions, no. What causes an imbalance in my body, mind, brain, are very particular situations that we have all experienced in life. “Don’t believe me, don’t believe us, watch it.”