Alberto Vázquez spoke about the rumors about his health, will he stop giving concerts or not?

Alberto Vázquez was in charge of addressing the speculation with a brief statement.


Alberto Vazquez became a trend a few hours ago after his son, Arturo Vázquez, reported that his father would no longer give concerts due to his delicate health; After this, the singer published a statement with an important announcement.

The health of Alberto Vázquezwho has been suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for several years, was the topic of conversation among Internet users after Arturo’s statements, who assured that His father had to take care of his heart, which is why he stayed away from the stage:

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“My dad is in complete shape to be able to record, he can’t give concerts anymore because the cardiologist recommended it. (…) He can still sing, what he can’t do is make efforts, go up stairs, go down stairs, get agitated because of his age.“, declared Arturo Vázquez for Windowing.

However, Alberto Vázquez decided to clarify the situation regarding his health and, through his Instagram, he issued an important announcement for his fans:


It was a few hours ago that Alberto Vázquez recently published a revealing text on Instagram in which he was in charge of deny his son Arturo’s statements regarding his health:

“A few days ago there was news that Mr. Alberto Vázquez was retiring from the stage for health reasons, this note is not true, Fortunately, Mr. Alberto is in very good health and you will soon hear from him.“, reads the post.

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Alberto Vázquez is a mythical figure of Mexican rock, and the fact that he remained healthy was a source of joy for his fans, who expressed their congratulations through the comments. Until now, The Instagram image accumulates 822 likes and dozens of reactions.

Although Alberto Vazquez It was not clear whether he would continue giving concerts or not, the statement provided peace of mind in an environment dominated by rumors about the rocker’s health.