Alec Baldwin hires former prosecutor to defend himself

The actor sought out an attorney who worked for seven years at the Los Angeles Attorney General’s Office.

Actor Alec Baldwin hired a former US federal prosecutor to represent him in civil lawsuits over the shooting that killed the cinematographer on the set of Rust, a film he produced and starred in, media reported yesterday.

Aaron S. Dyer, a lawyer who worked for seven years at the Attorney General’s Office in Los Angeles, California, will assume the defense of Baldwin and also of the production of the western, according to the specialized publication Variety.

The film was filmed on a New Mexico set when on October 21, during rehearsal, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died of a gunshot wound after Baldwin fired a gun that was handed to her as “cold.” movie jargon to refer to an unloaded pistol.
Two members of the team sued Baldwin and the other producers of the film.

Serge Svetnoy, the film’s chief lighting officer, filed a “negligence” complaint two weeks ago against the actor, the production, and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 24-year-old gunsmith responsible for the guns used during the filming of the film.

Svetnoy alleges that Baldwin, the film’s deputy director Dave Halls, who handed the gun to the actor during filming, claiming it was unloaded, and Gutierrez-Reed did not follow the film industry’s practices on handling weapons.