Alejandra Espinoza reveals what she did to get her first leading role on Televisa

We already told you that Salvador Mejia prepares a new telenovela on Televisa and the protagonist comes from Univision … Alejandra Espinoza, a famous presenter, winner of a beauty pageant.

She is chosen to head the cast of the telenovela ‘Corazón guerrero’ (tentative title) that will mark her debut as a protagonist in the Dream Factory.

In an interview with journalist Lourdes Stephen, Alejandra Espinoza, winner of the first edition of the ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ contest, told what she did to get the role, in a situation that she describes as “the strangest thing in the world.”

“My agent from Mexico, who is Alejandra Palomera, speaks to me and says ‘Salvador Mejía is going to Miami, he tells me that he wants to meet with you,'” he recalled. So he went to the meeting with the producer, and What he believed would be a first approach, became the confirmation of his new job.

“I started talking with him, we talked about everything, I told him about my life without pretense, I told him what I was, what I did, then he told me about a project that he was starting, what was his name, what I was looking … When we finished talking supercool in a conversation that seemed like I had known him for a long time because I felt very confident, he said to me ‘and then what do you think?’ … And I ‘no, because he’s very cool, what do I have to do? When do I audition? ‘… And he says’ no, do you want to work with me?’ … And I ‘of course I want to work with you, but what do I have to do?’ say.

“And he tells me ‘no, I am a person who has been working on this for a long time, I have a lot of experience, I have seen you working a few times but I think you have the wood, I am going to give you a vote of confidence“Alejandra recalled about the producer’s words.

So His work at Univision opened the doors to telenovelas on Televisa, but Alejandra is preparing with a coach: “I want to do a good job, not for anyone, I want to do a good job for myself because it is something I wanted for a long time and I don’t want to disappoint myself.”

Warrior heart is the provisional title of this telenovela that will be based on an Argentine production called Valientes (2009), with very good acceptance in the countries where it was broadcast. In the original, the drama centers on a landowner, who steals land from a peasant who is plunged into poverty and dies some time later, while his children are separated and adopted by three different families. The action is triggered when the eldest of the brothers formulates a master plan to take revenge on his enemy, making his daughters fall in love.

Salvador Mejia, hitmaker like The usurper, Hug me very tight and The stepmother, He told us about Alejandra: “She has a star, a sensational charm for the character she will play, and I thank the company for its support. Oka Giner is another protagonist, and I am casting for the villain.”