Alejandra Guzmán defends Enrique Guzmán for alleged abuse of a minor

  • Enrique Guzmán is involved in a new scandal and is defended by his daughter Alejandra Guzmán

Alejandra Guzmán continues to put her hands in the fire to defend her father Enrique Guzmán, she already did so on one occasion, when her daughter Frida Sofía claimed that her grandfather had touched her inappropriately when she was a child; On that occasion, the singer dismissed her daughter’s words and supported the innocence of her father, which caused her to distance herself from Frida.

Now, faced with the versions that claim that the singer Enrique Guzmán inappropriately touched a minor while a family party was taking place at Silvia Pinal’s house, the “Queen of Hearts” interpreter gave her opinion on this and was blunt.

The alleged victim would be the daughter of Mayela Laguna, former partner of Luis Enrique Guzmán, who is currently pursuing a legal suit against Enrique’s son and who a few days ago admitted the existence of said video in which the 80-year-old artist inappropriately touches his daughter at a birthday party for Apolo, her youngest son.

Mayela stated that what happened was seen by several guests, and that the Pinal family is aware of this; She announced that she, along with her daughter, who is currently 14 years old, are preparing a formal complaint against Alejandra Guzmán’s father.

The rocker was approached by the press at the Mexico City airport, where she was questioned about the delicate accusations that her father is facing regarding alleged sexual abuse against a minor, to which Alejandra reacted by defending her father.

«My daddy is fine, a little over the top with all the things they say, but he is who he is; The truth is always the truth and I believe that sometimes they distort everything, but the truth will always come out because in my house there was never anything, it was a piñata, we were all there, and I’ll tell you one thing, who did it? “He looks bad, it’s because he’s sick, but I’m calm.”

Recently, in light of Mayela Laguna’s revelations, Frida Sofía reiterated the accusations against her grandfather Luis Enrique Guzmán, whom she accuses of being a pedophile.