Alejandra Guzmán does not stay with the desire and sends a hint to Michelle Salas and Sylvia Pasquel

Alejandra Guzmán was not invited to the wedding of her niece, Michelle Salas.

Michelle Salas’ wedding with Danilo Díaz Granados will take place in a luxurious estate in Tuscany, Italy.

Little by little, several details of the expected marriage between Michelle Salas and the Venezuelan businessman Danilo Díaz Granados have been leaked, such as the spectacular estate where they will get married and the possible guest list who will attend the wedding that will last three days.

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What has attracted powerful attention is that it is said that several members of the Pinal dynasty were not included in the guest list of lto Luis Miguel’s daughteras Alejandra and Luis Enrique Guzmán and the matriarch of the family, Mrs. Silvia Pinal.

Given this, ‘La Guzmán’ has published a controversial image with the legend: “Caracoles”, which could be a clear hint to his niece, Michelle Salasand for his sister, Sylvia Pasquelhours before the wedding takes place.

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 7.39.22 PM.png

The controversial image that the famous rocker published has generated all kinds of comments:

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