Alejandra Guzmán is excited about a possible reconciliation with Frida Sofía for these photos

In one of the photos, Alejandra Guzmán holds a baby, which was interpreted as a sign to Frida Sofía.


Have the conflicts between Alejandra Guzman and Frida Sofia? Everything seems to point to it, this after the famous rocker posted something on Instagram that revived the hopes of her fans, who they dream of seeing mother and daughter together again.

Let’s remember that the problem between Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán It began when the singer’s daughter confessed to the mistreatment she allegedly received from Michelle Salas; likewise, on another occasion the young woman accused her mother of having had an alleged affair with her ex-boyfriend Christian Estrada. The complaints he made against his grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, deserve special mention. that only distanced them further.

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Apparently, mother and daughter filed rough edges, which makes their followers happy. What did Alejandra Guzmán post that revived the illusions of a possible reconciliation with Frida Sofía?


The more than 3.6 million that Alejandra Guzmán has on Instagram They were surprised by some publications of the rocker on the social network.

“This August 3 a very special song is born for me. Because it’s the first time that I’m talking about a song that comes from a place that I had kept very secret and I think it’s good to be able to transform that pain into a song, it’s something beautiful. In a sign, one that I send with all the love of my heart”, reads a series of photos with text.

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In another series of photos, the rocker is seen in one of the images holding a small box containing a photo of her pregnant of Frida Sofiawhile in another snapshot it is seen that he appears with a little girl who would also be his daughter.

In this post, where in addition Alejandra Guzmán announces the release of “Milagros”, her next single, this August 3gives signs that he will use this new job to open your heart and talk about your feelings towards Frida Sofíawhich has ignited the illusions that reconciliation will soon come to their lives.