Alejandra Guzmán now sends love to Michelle Salas after ‘painting’ ‘snails’ on her

Alejandra Guzmán sent a loving message to Michelle Salas.

Alejandra Guzmán spoke after not being required at the so-called ‘wedding of the year’ of her niece Michelle Salas, with Danilo Díaz Granados, in Italy.

The rocker sparked controversy for having published an image with his mother, Silvia Pinal, making an obscene signhours after Michelle Salas is getting marriedcausing several users to comment on networks that it had been a clear hint to Luis Miguel’s daughter and towards his sister, Sylvia Pasquel.

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Before leaving for Monterrey, where he gave a concert in which He remembered his daughter Frida Sofía‘La Guzmán’ spoke to the media regarding Michelle Salas’ wedding.

“Were you invited to Michelle’s wedding?” They questioned the singer, to which she responded: “I would be there, right? I wouldn’t be working, I have a job… I love Michelle, I send her a kiss, May you have the happiest day of your life, I am very happy that you are happy, that is the most beautiful thing in life… It was your dad, what a father, well you have to have a good vibe, right? That’s the most Wonderful that you can get married, that you can be happy in life, damn, you have to provide for them to be happy.”