Alejandra Guzmán reveals that Frida Sofía hit her repeatedly

Strong revelations made by the rocker Alejandra Guzmán about her daughter Frida Sofía that almost immediately went viral on social networks and that is that “La Guzmán” accepted that her daughter physically assaulted her repeatedly.

The singer spoke about the estrangement with her daughter Frida Sofía on a television show, pointing out that it began when she withdrew the financial support she gave her to live in the United States, which bothered Frida a lot.

“He hit me… there were several,” was part of what the singer revealed, even pointing out that her assistant Alejandra Covarrubias was present when it happened “she was the one who took it upon herself to get me out of the house because we couldn’t control her.”

“La Guzmán” tried to find the reason why Frida Sofía physically assaulted her:

“I think it is part of all the resentment that arises in his heart, I am nobody to claim it, but we have discussed the issue with doctors and on certain occasions we have apologized, but I think that from there the relationship is no longer the same. ”

She recalled that when she was sent to the US because she was about to be kidnapped, while there she was diagnosed with ‘border personality, and they also medicated her at school. The border personality is a disorder that, for example, they tell you, I love you, but I hate you. They have different ways of acting, out of nowhere, they can be very happy or very depressed.

The interpreter of the new song “Milagros” affirmed that she was not the only victim of physical aggression by Frida Sofía, a friend experienced the same situation.

“They once told me that she was sick and that she had beaten her friend in the US, I did not want to leave the rehab (rehabilitation for drug addicts) because they had recommended it to me in Monte Fenix, they told me if you go out you will fall like a stone , there was the decision to lock her in a place even if (Frida) did not want to, from there I was seized by a terrible resentment and I don’t think she remembers, “he added.

Despite all the estrangement and the situations that have occurred with her daughter, Alejandra does not lose hope of having a relationship with her again, she knows that I love her.