Alejandra Guzmán suddenly cancels her concert in Nuevo Laredo. Fey will sing instead

Alejandra Guzmán had a concert scheduled in Nuevo Laredo, a city that is currently celebrating its 175th anniversary with a series of artistic activities.

Alejandra Guzmán herself had published a video yesterday in which she invited people to join the celebration and attend her concert at the Rotonda Benito Juárez.

“We’re just about to see each other, dear rockers,” says the singer enthusiastically.

Hours later, on her Instagram account, La Guzmán published a statement announcing the cancellation of the show.

Dear rockers from Nuevo Laredo, as it is in the public domain, a few months ago I suffered an injury to my hip from which I am still recovering,” reads the first paragraph of the text.

Meanwhile, the Nuevo Laredo 175th anniversary celebration committee also announced the change with a new poster in which Fey appears instead of Alejandra Guzmán.

In a statement, it was reported:

“For reasons beyond our control, there is a billboard change at the Nuevo Laredo 175th Anniversary concert. For health reasons, Alejandra Guzmán will not appear at the concert and shortly she will announce her state of health through their social networks. In their place we are happy to receive Fey and Aleks Syntek, who join Los Kumbia Kings to everyone’s great party. We wish Alejandra Guzmán a speedy recovery and we hope she will join us soon.”

Indeed, Alejandra Guzmán points out:

“Despite the care and rehabilitation that I have received, complications have once again occurred today due to a condition called Radicular Compression Syndrome in the lower back.”

For this reason, Guzmán will have to be in absolute rest “some days”.

“Nothing hurts me and the whole team more than not being able to be on stage with you rocking out. I send all my fans in Nuevo Laredo a huge hug.”

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