Alejandra Guzmán will have to testify in the paternity case of her brother Luis Enrique

Alejandra Guzmán will be summoned to testify in the legal case between Mayela Laguna and Luis Enrique.


What happened in the hearing that Mayela Laguna had with her ex, Luis Enrique Guzmán?

After an audio was leaked in which Luis Enrique Guzmán assures that he will take custody of Apolo from his ex-partnerdespite the fact that months ago he revealed that A DNA test was done, which was not compatible with that of the little boy, today they saw the face of the son of Mrs. Silvia Pinal and Mayela Laguna.

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Luis Enrique Guzmán He left the court through another door because he asked for special permission not to meet the media. However, Mayela Laguna He spoke before the cameras and gave details of what happened in the hearing to try to reconcile.

I remain firm because he is his sona judge will determine with the DNA test how it should be done, there is no date yetmaybe for next year, January or February maximum. We did not reconcile anything, I tried to reconcile for the good of my son, but nothing was reconciled”.

“It’s sad because my son is going to have to meet (with Luis Enrique) to get tested in court, after he didn’t want to see it.

For its part, the lawyer of Mayela Laguna He indicated that “there were two hearings: a preliminary one, where it is carried out to see if we can reach an agreement, there was no agreement, and the second one is called purification, where the judge assesses which evidence he will accept and which he will not… Our testimonial evidence was admitted, not only from our witnesses, but also from Alejandra Guzmanwell We asked the judge and he authorized and ordered that he has to come to testify and prove the relationship that existed for more than four years with the child.”.

Because (Alejandra Guzmán) says she has no connection with methat not even anything, then we are proving that, which is a pure lie… She is his godmother, she was a witness throughout the pregnancy, she is a witness that we live together, she is a witness to everything“, he pointed Mayela.

If ‘La Guzmán’ does not appear to appear as a witness, the singer could “receive a fine or arrest“The judge will determine it,” Mayela’s defense party mentioned without giving an exact date on which Alejandra must appear.

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