Alejandra Lazcano reveals how her cute pets came into her life

Ale Lazcano starred in the soap opera Pobre diabla in 2009, and his last work was in the series one day to live. She, along with her husband, Mario Sardiña, and her dogs Aria and Luna, form a beautiful family.

Aria, border collie; and Moonsingle breed.


Aria He is 7 years old, and Moon8.

How did they come into your life?
An animal rescuer offered us Luna, she took her out of a garbage dump, she was seven months old. And Aria was a gift from a friend of my husband.


With her husband, Luna and Aria.

Favorite toy:
Luna doesn’t like to play, and Aria plays with everything, with any bone or rubber ball.

Luna doesn’t eat until we eat, she sits and listens to the conversations… She’s like a little person dressed as an animal, plus she’s terrified of flies!

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When she was a baby, Aria ate the legs of the dining room chairs!

Where sleep?
Inside the house, in their bed, they have a space outside our bedroom.

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How much do you spend on your care?
Approximately five thousand pesos per month.

What do you do with them when you go on vacation?
If we can take them, we do, and if not, my mother-in-law takes care of them because I am terrified of leaving them in small hotels and I don’t enjoy the trip, I get hysterical thinking about how they will be.