Alejandra Quintero works on her next album as a DJ

The Colombian DJ Alejandra Quintero talked about her latest single entitled “Pineal”, which has been very important, since it emerged on one of her unforgettable trips, including sensual, beachy, slow and regional sounds that come from her homeland.

During his journey, Quintero mentioned that he had difficulties. “The truth as a woman is always going to be more complicated to get to any artistic union, but despite that, my talent and own style has stood out and has led me on the right paths to get to where I am, as well as my constant work , discipline and the immense love I feel for music”.

Alejandra Quintero stated that she would like to collaborate with the British DJ Damian Lazarus, recognized as the creator of the outstanding electronic music festival “Day Zero” in Tulum.

Of his projects for this year, he communicated “among my plans are to tour Europe and internationalize, to be recognized worldwide.” “I’m also in the process of creating what will be the best album of my career as a DJ.”

Alejandra Quintero explained that her creative process, each melody, note, track, vocal used in her sets is based on what she is experiencing and feeling at the moment.

Providing tips to new talents, he said “that they have a very broad musical culture; In addition, they are open to new sounds and musical proposals, but preserving their style and musical line”.

Alejandra Quintero determined that in this facet she is focused on discovering many sounds, with the purpose of making a difference with a new proposal, meeting female artists with melodic voices to create a different electronic music that can be felt and appreciated with love.